Saturday, August 7, 2010

Astrological predictions came true exactly about corruption,scam and 'mahangai dayan' (inflation witch)

What ever the predictions i gave about India specially about economic conditions and corruption exactly came true.these predictions were given merely for three months (from 27th June till 27th September).and these were published in the news papers.
I had given astrological predictions on various issues on 6th may for English daily HT.most of predictions have come true.predictions were mostly about the economic conditions of the India.might be that price hike,scams etc.if one analyse the whole situation after 06th may then he/she will come to know that almost every prediction (based on vedic astrology) came exactly true.
Those are as follows.
-About two issues now in head lines of every news paper -1.inflation,price rise 'mahangai dayan' (inflation witch) 2.corruption every where recent case is corruption in commonwealth games.except this i had predicted about the breaking of political alliances,merger of any bank.and many thing.if we talk of corruption then see how the clean man Nitish kumar is charged of corruption.inflation became an issue and the image of the government is faded on price rise issue and on corruption.and the government has come in a offensive the commonwealth game scam the image of congress government has tarnished.
-In my older post my article and even my views for the newspapers are attached.readers can view this in previous posts.

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