Thursday, August 26, 2010

CWG will be held in a good atmosphere but the Ayodhya issue seems to be getting into a few issues

Common wealth games will be over in peaceful atmosphere because of good planetary positions at that time.this will be organized between 3rd october till 14th october.


As of now mars and venus are in conjunction and pratyantardasha of India is also not favourable so many cases of corruptions are heard every day (i had predicted all this on 6th may exclusively for HINDUSTAN TIMES).But during the commonwealth games pratyantardasha will be of Venus and the games will be over in peaceful atmosphere.

But there seem to be some problems on the Ayodhya issue. According to the latest buzz being aired on various News Channels, a decision is due by the month of September.
A special bench of the Allahabad High Court on 26th July concluded the hearing related to ownership of a disputed land in Ayodhya to which Hindus and Muslims have made rival claims for over a century.The decision is likely to be delivered on 17th September.
While Hindus claim the land to be the site of the birthplace of their revered deity Lord Ram, Muslims have asserted their right over the same as the site of a 16th century mosque claimed to have been built by the first Mughal emperor Babur in the ancient town of Ayodhya, about 120 km from here. Every one is scared around what is going to happen after the delivery of the decision on ownership of the land.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh held a high-level meeting with Cabinet colleagues on 24th august to discuss how to deal with any fallout. The UP government, on its part, is identifying “sensitive” and “hyper
sensitive areas” in the State.

ASTROLOGICAL INDICATIONS – The politicians who are looking to politicize the entire issue are going to be disappointed because it seems from the Astrological point of view that the whole issue is going to be settled in less than 15 days. But the whole issue is not going to pass away peacefully. FROM NIGHT OF 17TH SEPTEMBER TILL NOON OF 25TH SEPTEMBER THE DATES ARE
REALLY SENSITIVE. But after that there doesnt seem to be any problem. Whatever is the problem is nearly one week and is because of the pratyantar dasha of ketu in Indian independence chart. And there is not much reason to be scared because there are no more conjunction of Saturn and mars.

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