Monday, November 22, 2010

Astrological predictions for Congress published again in "Dainik jagran" on 22nd nov

The attached article is published on 22nd november.

Already had predicted about bad timing of Congress -

I had already predicted about the bad timing of congress after auguste 2010.i had given most worst phase of Congress after 31st october.these both predictions were published in "Dainik jagran" in december 2009 on the eve of new year.

After 31st october - i had predicted that since 31st october till 16th december the time is too tough for the grand old party of India.the article was published in december 2009 on the eve of the new year which i do every year.

today when i write this post i am also listening news of another blow on the Congress party (government) as - Supreme Court's discomfort with Thomas as CVC
His appointment was controversial right from the start - the BJP vehemently opposed PJ Thomas being made the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC).

Now, the Supreme Court has expressed its discomfort.

"We are concerned that if a person is an accused in a criminal case how will he function as CVC?" the court said.

The government has submitted in court the file on Thomas' appointment, which has been challenged by a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) that states Thomas is allegedly involved in two different controversies - the 2G scam and an oil-import case.

before this even prime minister had to submit affidavit in the court.the whole government was any how managinging the situation to overcome the troubles of 2G spectrum scam and now government is to face another.

about this new article on Congress - in the last lines there has been written that - "janvary barah se congress ke din achchhe aa sakte hain" - this is not my prediction and has been printed mistakenly.i have nothing predicted awhat is going to happen with Congress party after january 2012.
i,ll predict about this later.

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