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Mental illness - Schizophrenia: an astrological case study

Schizophrenia is the most persistent and disabling of the major mental illnesses. It usually attacks people between the ages of 16 and 30, as they are beginning to realize their potential. It affects approximately one in 100 people worldwide, (one per cent of the population), affecting men and women almost equally. While it is treatable in many cases, there is as yet no cure for schizophrenia.
The mind controls the basic functions of thinking, feeling (emotions), perception (the five senses) and behaviour. These functions ordinarily work together, enabling us to:
• tell the difference between fantasy and reality
• keep anxiety at manageable levels
• have appropriate emotional responses
• make sense of what happens to us
• maintain a stable sense of who we are
• establish and maintain relationships with others
In schizophrenia, the interaction of these mental functions is disturbed in various ways. The word schizophrenia does not mean "split personality" but a disruption of the balance among mental functions

Mental illness - Schizophrenia: an astrological case study –

The texts on astrology have indicated astrological causes of illness. But many new diseases were not discovered that time. Might those diseases were found. About mental illness there has been given many indications. Many books are available in the market in which there have been mentioned planets responsible for mental diseases.
There are needs of research with the birth details of many patients. But merely few horoscopes may give enough indications.

There are very few persons who have completely sound mind. Every one has few problems. But these problems are very temporary and do not last for a long time. Mental illness has nothing to do with the educational qualifications etc.

A student with unnecessary fears

He is living a life with fears. Cause of his fears are not ordinary an unbelievable. If he sees a cage then he fears that his siblings and parents may get in cage in the next birth. And he is too much scared about his male siblings and his father being females in the next birth. He feels always insecurity and guilt. He is also frightened of religious places and priests. He also thinks that some one used black magic on him. When doctors council him that no one should be worried about his next birth. His career is getting spoiled and he is not able to continue his studies.

Astrological cause of mental illness –

Planets responsible for mental illness


Mercury is responsible for rationality and reasoning, one’s complexes, logic and intellect. Moon the mind is opposed to mercury.


Moon represents the mind. Moon has no enemy. This signifies our attachments feelings and emotional reactions.


This represents maturity. Mercury considers Jupiter as enemy but Jupiter is neutral to mercury.


Fifth house is house of logic and wisdom.

So moon mercury and Jupiter are key planets responsible for soundness of mind. When these planets and fifth house is afflicted by any means then mental illness occurs.

Moon play important role in functioning of the brain. If moon is weak then mind is weak. Afflicted moon create problem for functioning of the brain. But some mercury also plays an important role. If both the planets mercury and moon both are badly afflicted and the fifth house and its lord is also afflicted then certainly the person is not having the sound mind. Some times Jupiter is also considered. But here I am restricted my self to a patient suffering from schizophrenia.

I tried to search the possible astrological causes of his mental illness. Those causes are as follows -

-MOON –is atmakaraka and that is combust with the sun and is in Rahu Ketu axis.in navamsa too moon is combust and in Rahu Ktu axis and also afflicted with the mars.

-MERCURY – combust and also in Rahu Ketu axis in lagna chart.

-FIFTH HOUSE –fifth lord is mars itself a malefic planet and afflicted with the Saturn.ketu also aspects the Saturn mars combination. The fifth lord mars combined with the Saturn is a worse condition here.


- In drekkana chart moon is badly afflicted by sun,Saturn,rahu,ketu.Mercury is also afflicted. Fifth house is also afflicted.in dashmansha also moon is badly afflicted.

Most importantly mahadasha lord Venus is afflicted by Saturn. In navamsa too Venus is afflicted. After reading the chart of this boy I am not sure about his cure. This is only god which can help him.

Birth details –
11th august 1980
Faizabad (U.P).

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