Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prediction about bad days of Congress came exactly true

Prediction about Bad days of Congress came exactly true -

Almost every year in December I give predictions for the politicians and political parties. For the year 2010 I predicted about many politicians and the Congress party on 28th December. I did not predicted about the BJP.Because I had much predicted about the party and every prediction about BJP came true such as about Adwani not going to be PM or about exact timings of infightings in the party.

About Congress –

I had predicted about Congress on 28th December 2009 that till 27th august every thing will be smoothly in congress but since 27th august till 31st October timing of Congress is not good and after 31st October 2010 its bad day’s starts. And this bad time will last for a long time. Till now every thing came true.

I had also predicted that the lower caste leaders will be far from the party.

What is the future of BJP Ii have already predicted in a separate article in which I have predicted specifically about the BJP.And in one of my older post I have attached the article.

I attach one of my older blog posts about prediction on Congress party -

Congress party seems in stress on the Anderson issue.Arjun singh is being targeted by the congress men.i think Arjun has nothing to loose.if any one may be looser in any case that is Congress party itself and Sonia family because one name which is been taken is of former prime minister Rajiv gandhi.Arjun singh is old diplomat.he may twist the issue.but what for the grand oldest party of India.

Many analyst think that this problem may cause much trouble for the Congress party but i don,t think so as the planets indicate.this is very shortest problem compared tho those problems which Congress party of India is going to face.

-After 27th august Congress will face greater problems. (already predicted in Dainik jagran in December last on the new year,s eve)

-since mid of the July the problems will start to take shape and pave the way for the greater problems which seems after 27th august.

Arjun singh -

I don,t see the chart of Arjun because he is already in bad phase of Saturn.what i see for him is a health problem and fatal time.when this time will come i can not predict because i don,t want to give time on his chart due to lack of time.

The year 2011 will be very bad for the Congess party.there will be feuds and war like BJP.

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