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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


INDIA – The Corruption Saga from 2010 carries itself into 2011. Corruption is going to hog the headlines and people who were found suspicious of corruption this year will be eventually found guilty by courts.

RAHUL GANDHI - Rahul Gandhi is destined to have a good time after October 2011. For a short period of time his Kundli shows signs of Rajyoga.

- Lal Krishna Advani who is in the twilight of his political career will have to deal with yet another health issue from September 2011.

VARUN GANDHI - Like his elder cousin Varun Gandhi is likely to have a better time in the latter half of the year. He seems to have a good time after September 2011

– This year seems to be a troublesome one for the Karnataka Chief Minister. He continues to face the wrath of bad times and a change of guard will hog the headlines in the political circles in Karnataka. The year 2012 though promises to be better as there are signs of Raj Yoga suring that time.

P.CHITAMBARAM - Mr. Chidambaram needs to keep a hold on his tongue. March and April are not going to be favourable for him

NITISH KUMAR - The Change guy in Bihar, Mr Nitih Kumar will have the whole year running smoothly for him until November 2011. Despite the huge victory he will run into problems after November 2011

- Sushma Swaraj is destined to have a smooth 2011. She will be in an even better position during the last four months of the year

MAYAWATI – This one seems to be interesting. Her bad time starts after 3rd of April. After 02nd November, 2012 there is something worse going to happen with her. She must exercise caution with respect to her security

– He seems to have a good period overall after february 2011, however there might be some issues coming up that might create problems. He needs to watch and avoid any dispute during this period. His moon antardasha aspected by mars which is debilitated in navamsa and that seems to be the problem creator for him. In conditional dwisaptapti dasha he will be running under mars antadasha from starting of dashamsa mars being sixth lord is in Rahu ketu axis.

RAJNATH SINGH - He has a good year ahead over all. Nothing special until june, however post that he has got some really good time Saturn mahadasha will be better being 4th and 5th lord in 11th house aspecting 5th house. Saturn is ak also. Sun being 11th lord situated in 5th house aspects Saturn. Saturn and sun is in mutual aspect in a
greater Rajyoga.

AMAR SINGH - He has a good time after April 2011. But he must be cautious on his health and security. A danger to his life is foreseen.

AKHILESH YADAV - He has strongest rajyogas in his chart if I compare his horoscope with other youth leaders. He is destined to attain highest offices in India

- I have already predicted about her unsuccessful married life. After march 2011 a tension in her relation with Saif is possible.

MUKESH AMBANI – Mukesh is destined to have a good period after mid of January 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 - New Year Predictions on basis of Sun or Moon signs

2010 is about to end. The New Year – 2011 is coming with in few days. Now every success, failure of 2010 will be analyzed. Expectations about the politics, the economy the social sector will be done on the different basis. But Vedic astrology appears only tool which can provide the important clues about what is going to happen in next year almost in every area. Yes a proper home work should be done before giving prediction about the state of the nation, politicians or about other mundane issues. For this the correct birth details are very important thing. And the astrologers generally get fail because they follow the birth details which are easily available on the internet. Few renowned astrologers use incorrect birth details even of Atal Behari vajpayi like personalities. These astrologers merely speculate. In the 2009 general elections they went totally false. Even after a record of series of incorrect predictions they are still in the market of astrology by their tactical advertisements through media.

Now these astrologers will publish their predictions about whole nation with incorrect birth details and will predict about the nation by dividing the whole population in twelve signs. No one raise the question that how 50 crores person may have same fate. And the person is eager to read the predictions on the basis of their signs. And the predictions on the basis of sun sign have much more possibility of being wrong.
An important and famous foreign magazine asked me to predict on the basis of sun sign twice a month but I denied doing that only because of these factors. The editor gave me every liberty to predict but only on the basis of sun sign but I was always reluctant to do this always. In my view this is a sin to predict on the basis of sun or moon signs. I am also bothered because even most of the literate persons follow these predictions. They deny their marriage leave their girl/boy friends not attend a job and loss many things.
My only request is if you read these predictions on the basis of signs/rashis then don’t take it seriously and never follow this. If you believe in astrology then you have to provide your birth detail to the astrologer you trust. If your detail has few minutes’ error then the astrologer can correct this by the past events in your life. But don’t get trapped to these astrologers. and before contacting to any celebrity astrologer please check his records of giving predictions with proof might be that for news papers or in the website or for electronic media.

I will predict about 2011 soon as I have been predicting since 2007 on the eve of new year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Corruption will be exposed for few more months as planets indicate

In my view now a day we are running under very good phase because we are at least able to know few percent realities of our influential Indians. Might be those politicians, IAS officers judges and media personalities. I know many analysts feel awkward during discussions of such issues. This was very necessary. We as a citizen must welcome these revelations. Justice katju is one of the judge who use to speak on corruption since he was a judge in Allahabad high court. His latest ruling is also welcome.

Are these revelations going to continue – what planets say?

India is running under SUN – RAHU mahadasha and antardasha. I had predicted that for various reasons women will be the head lines of the news papers very before for Hindustan times. Now Niira Radia with Barkha dutt is in new for their misconducts. And this trend will continue. Media and media related personalities will be exposed for more few years.
Sun is in the third house of communication and media. This sun is with venus and Saturn. Sun is badly combust here. And this is the cause of all problems happening in the country. Any antardasha of sun did not run smoothly. The sun mahadasha of India started after 3 months of formation of UPA government. And nothing bad was seen in sun antardasha but from moon antardasha problem started in India and for the government as well. Venus with sun in third house of media is responsible for journalist. Since venus is a female planet so the image of Barkha dutt like renowned journalists got tarnished.
Third house of natal horoscope of Indian independence consist four planets.sun,moon,Saturn and Venus. Venus and Saturn are combust and sun is also afflicted.
In the navamsa chart of Indian independence too sun is badly afflicted with the aspects of mars and Saturn.the positive signs are few as this sun in lagna chart is the fourth lord and in the dashamsa chart this sun is in tenth house aspected by Jupiter from the fourth house.
From starting of mars antardasha problems related to money finance started. Cases of fraud and corruption started getting exposed. Mars is situated in the second house of Indian chart. This mars is in RKA in navamsa.
Now India is running under Rahu antardasha of sun mahadasha.this dasha will last till 02nd November 2011.

Now from jaimini astrology –

From august 2010 India is running under Gemini chara mahadasha. Remember most of the problems started since august. And Indian government is facing the problems since then and an atmosphere against corruption began from this time. This dasha will last till 14th august till august such atmosphere will be maintained.
After august 2011 there will be a greater change in India. I’ll write about this change in my next post. But I reiterate that till the august 2011 of next year many white collar criminal politicians “dalals” will be exposed. Merely few weeks or months these stories may be not in news but after that this all will start again. Good timing for the poor citizen and middle class of India to wait and watch.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Amar Singh – will rise again but will face some other problems.

I had predicted timing of expulsion of Amar sing from the samajwadi party very before when there were no difference between him and mulayam Singh. Then I repeated whole story again in the hindi daily “Dainik jagran”.I had predicted all this in one of the older post. I will discuss all the astrological reasons behind this later on though I have already written every thing in that post. And I consider this as my best predictions because I had to work much on his horoscope.

For a politician his every word has enough importance. His planet mercury known for wisdom is combust and aspected by moon the planet which represents the mind. He is not able to proof as a mature person. His tendency to speak cheap words will get an end after march but his basic instincts will remain. And he is running under MOON – RAHU mahadasha.Rahu is with the Saturn and mars in the lagna kundli.And in the navamsa this is in the eighth house. Worst is his debilitated moon in navamsa.but the same moon is in very good dhanyoga with mars. Till april 2011 he will be running through emotions. He will not use his wisdom. But I don’t think he has lost his importance in the politics. Yes the time is not in his favour right now.

What next –

He has enough rajyogas especially “dhan yogas” in his chart but there are many problems also. Saturn mars and rahu are in the third house. Though this is forming good rajyogas but some troubles also are indicated here. As mars is eighth lord here and in the rahu ketu axis.
His bad days will be over up to some extent after march 2011.He will get relief only from april 2011.he will once again be an important person in politics. He may join a new party after march 2011.he will be seen with celebrities again.
Health will always be an issue for him though some improvement is seen but merely for few months. He should be careful to his security.

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