Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 - New Year Predictions on basis of Sun or Moon signs

2010 is about to end. The New Year – 2011 is coming with in few days. Now every success, failure of 2010 will be analyzed. Expectations about the politics, the economy the social sector will be done on the different basis. But Vedic astrology appears only tool which can provide the important clues about what is going to happen in next year almost in every area. Yes a proper home work should be done before giving prediction about the state of the nation, politicians or about other mundane issues. For this the correct birth details are very important thing. And the astrologers generally get fail because they follow the birth details which are easily available on the internet. Few renowned astrologers use incorrect birth details even of Atal Behari vajpayi like personalities. These astrologers merely speculate. In the 2009 general elections they went totally false. Even after a record of series of incorrect predictions they are still in the market of astrology by their tactical advertisements through media.

Now these astrologers will publish their predictions about whole nation with incorrect birth details and will predict about the nation by dividing the whole population in twelve signs. No one raise the question that how 50 crores person may have same fate. And the person is eager to read the predictions on the basis of their signs. And the predictions on the basis of sun sign have much more possibility of being wrong.
An important and famous foreign magazine asked me to predict on the basis of sun sign twice a month but I denied doing that only because of these factors. The editor gave me every liberty to predict but only on the basis of sun sign but I was always reluctant to do this always. In my view this is a sin to predict on the basis of sun or moon signs. I am also bothered because even most of the literate persons follow these predictions. They deny their marriage leave their girl/boy friends not attend a job and loss many things.
My only request is if you read these predictions on the basis of signs/rashis then don’t take it seriously and never follow this. If you believe in astrology then you have to provide your birth detail to the astrologer you trust. If your detail has few minutes’ error then the astrologer can correct this by the past events in your life. But don’t get trapped to these astrologers. and before contacting to any celebrity astrologer please check his records of giving predictions with proof might be that for news papers or in the website or for electronic media.

I will predict about 2011 soon as I have been predicting since 2007 on the eve of new year.

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