Friday, December 10, 2010

Amar Singh – will rise again but will face some other problems.

I had predicted timing of expulsion of Amar sing from the samajwadi party very before when there were no difference between him and mulayam Singh. Then I repeated whole story again in the hindi daily “Dainik jagran”.I had predicted all this in one of the older post. I will discuss all the astrological reasons behind this later on though I have already written every thing in that post. And I consider this as my best predictions because I had to work much on his horoscope.

For a politician his every word has enough importance. His planet mercury known for wisdom is combust and aspected by moon the planet which represents the mind. He is not able to proof as a mature person. His tendency to speak cheap words will get an end after march but his basic instincts will remain. And he is running under MOON – RAHU mahadasha.Rahu is with the Saturn and mars in the lagna kundli.And in the navamsa this is in the eighth house. Worst is his debilitated moon in navamsa.but the same moon is in very good dhanyoga with mars. Till april 2011 he will be running through emotions. He will not use his wisdom. But I don’t think he has lost his importance in the politics. Yes the time is not in his favour right now.

What next –

He has enough rajyogas especially “dhan yogas” in his chart but there are many problems also. Saturn mars and rahu are in the third house. Though this is forming good rajyogas but some troubles also are indicated here. As mars is eighth lord here and in the rahu ketu axis.
His bad days will be over up to some extent after march 2011.He will get relief only from april 2011.he will once again be an important person in politics. He may join a new party after march 2011.he will be seen with celebrities again.
Health will always be an issue for him though some improvement is seen but merely for few months. He should be careful to his security.

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