Tuesday, December 28, 2010


INDIA – The Corruption Saga from 2010 carries itself into 2011. Corruption is going to hog the headlines and people who were found suspicious of corruption this year will be eventually found guilty by courts.

RAHUL GANDHI - Rahul Gandhi is destined to have a good time after October 2011. For a short period of time his Kundli shows signs of Rajyoga.

- Lal Krishna Advani who is in the twilight of his political career will have to deal with yet another health issue from September 2011.

VARUN GANDHI - Like his elder cousin Varun Gandhi is likely to have a better time in the latter half of the year. He seems to have a good time after September 2011

– This year seems to be a troublesome one for the Karnataka Chief Minister. He continues to face the wrath of bad times and a change of guard will hog the headlines in the political circles in Karnataka. The year 2012 though promises to be better as there are signs of Raj Yoga suring that time.

P.CHITAMBARAM - Mr. Chidambaram needs to keep a hold on his tongue. March and April are not going to be favourable for him

NITISH KUMAR - The Change guy in Bihar, Mr Nitih Kumar will have the whole year running smoothly for him until November 2011. Despite the huge victory he will run into problems after November 2011

- Sushma Swaraj is destined to have a smooth 2011. She will be in an even better position during the last four months of the year

MAYAWATI – This one seems to be interesting. Her bad time starts after 3rd of April. After 02nd November, 2012 there is something worse going to happen with her. She must exercise caution with respect to her security

– He seems to have a good period overall after february 2011, however there might be some issues coming up that might create problems. He needs to watch and avoid any dispute during this period. His moon antardasha aspected by mars which is debilitated in navamsa and that seems to be the problem creator for him. In conditional dwisaptapti dasha he will be running under mars antadasha from starting of 2011.in dashamsa mars being sixth lord is in Rahu ketu axis.

RAJNATH SINGH - He has a good year ahead over all. Nothing special until june, however post that he has got some really good time Saturn mahadasha will be better being 4th and 5th lord in 11th house aspecting 5th house. Saturn is ak also. Sun being 11th lord situated in 5th house aspects Saturn. Saturn and sun is in mutual aspect in a
greater Rajyoga.

AMAR SINGH - He has a good time after April 2011. But he must be cautious on his health and security. A danger to his life is foreseen.

AKHILESH YADAV - He has strongest rajyogas in his chart if I compare his horoscope with other youth leaders. He is destined to attain highest offices in India

- I have already predicted about her unsuccessful married life. After march 2011 a tension in her relation with Saif is possible.

MUKESH AMBANI – Mukesh is destined to have a good period after mid of January 2011


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