Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marital life of Varun Gandhi - what stars indicate ?

In my first prediction about Varun Gandhi I had indicated about his marriage. I had given this prediction for hindi daily Dainik jagran on 16th February 2009.that time predicting about his marriage was not in my priorities but when I saw I gave a nearest timing about his marriage. Varun Gandhi is going to be married on 6th march in vanarasi.

Astrological explanations -

He is running under the vimshottary dasha of Jupiter. And antardasha is also of Jupiter.
Here Jupiter is with mars seventh lord of marriage with Rahu. Jupiter aspects the seventh house which fulfill the requirement of appropriate timing of marriage.In the navamsa chart the Jupiter aspects mercury the seventh lord of navamsa.
If we see the jaimini dasha here then we find that during the marriage Varun will be running under the Aquarius – Libra. Aquarius aspects the seventh house and Libra is lagna itself. In his chart dwisaptaptisama dasha is also applicable because his lagna lord is in his seventh house.and in dwisaptaptisama dasha venus antardasha will be running during the marriage.

Transits -
In the transit the retrograde Saturn will be aspecting his lagna and seventh lord also. Few months back Jupiter was aspecting seventh lord.will be aspecting the darakaraka during the timing of marriage. Mars will aspect seventh lord and the darakaraka both.moon,mercury Jupiter three planets nearest to the seventh house.and Saturn is nearer to the the transit seventh lord and lagana lord of the navamsa chart are in the same house.
Every condition is fulfilled here except the transit of the Jupiter over the seventh house or seventh lord.

Demerits about marital life -

The seventh house lord is retrograde mars in the eleventh house of separation. Sixth lord Jupiter is with this mars once again in the eleventh house. This Jupiter is also retrograde. There is a connection of seventh house with eleventh house and sixth house. Lords of these three hoses are in fifth eleventh axis and also in the Rahu Ketu axis. any wise astrologer can understand the indications of the planets.

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