Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wikileaks leaks information about Congress party – already predicted by me

Today wikileaks leaked again that Congress party paid bribe to four MPs of RLD a regional corrupt political party of India to take their support in 2008. There is uproar in the parliament today. Now troubles for Congress will certainly increase


On 3rd January in an exclusive prediction for “Dainik Jagran” the leading hindi daily I had made a forecast that there is going to be few expose which will shake the nation. This is not the end of the series of expose but there is enough yet to come on surface. When I had predicted wikileaks was not in news.


I had already predicted the bad days of Congress in 2009 just after the party came again in power with few other political parties. Many of readers of my blog were surprised that how this was possible when every thing was well. Congress with its allies was in comfortable majority and the opposition was so week. But there were enough reasons to give such a risky prediction. If astrologers will the chart of Congress and Indian independence every thing will be clear.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami in Japan - A Vedic astrology analysis

In my earlier post which I had written two days before i had written on the Super moon theory .but had given my analysis with the aspect of Vedic astrology concepts. I had indicated that some thing bad is going to happen in this fortnight. After publishing the post in few hours tsunami affected the Japan.

A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake rocked northeast Japan late on Friday afternoon, setting a nuclear plant ablaze and unleashing a 10-metre tsunami that tossed ships inland and left at least 1000 people dead. On Friday, at 2:46 p.m. Tokyo time, the quake struck. First came the roar and rumble of the temblor, shaking skyscrapers, toppling furniture and buckling highways. Then waves as high as 30 feet rushed onto shore, whisking away cars and carrying blazing buildings toward factories, fields and highways.

A monster wave hit near Sendai city where a tide of black water sent shipping containers, cars and debris crashing through streets and across open farmland destroying everything in its path. The quake was the largest to hit Japan, the fifth strongest tremor worldwide since 1900 and the seventh strongest in history, according to the US Geological Survey and Japanese seismologists.
he death toll from the tsunami and earthquake, the strongest ever recorded in Japan, was in the hundreds, but Japanese news media quoted government officials as saying that it could rise to more than 1,300, most of them drowned. About 200 to 300 bodies were found along the waterline in Sendai, a port city in northeastern Japan and the closest major city to the epicenter.

Thousands of homes were destroyed, many roads were impassable, trains and buses were not running, and power and cell phones remained down. On Saturday morning, the JR rail company said that there were three trains missing in parts of two northern prefectures.


Lagna lord moon aspected by mars from the eigth house.

Saturn a major planet was retrograde.

Saturn was squiring the Jupiter and mercury.

Sun and mars was squiring the moon.

Saturn aspects the moon from retrograde motion.

Retrograde Saturn aspects sun and mars.

Rahu and Saturn are also squiring.

Mars aspects the moon.
Sun and mars are conjunction in the eighth house.

Most of the planets are in Kendra or in trikona.

Moon was in kritika nakshatra of sun.planets in moon and scorpio are not considered good. And these are prone to such calamities.

Mercury and mars both are combusted here.

Seventh lord Saturn is aspected by the mars. This is one of the important Kendra house.

And no doubt moon was much more nearer to earth.

Please don’t relate this incident with December 12 – end of world theory. This has no resemblance with that theory. In my earlier posts I have I have already discarded that.some astrologers are also frightening people that this will last till december.i reiterate that the problems may continue merely till 22nd march in few parts of the world.{for more clarifications please view my earlier post related to Super moon.

Place – miyagi japan
Time – 14:46

Website –

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Will March 19 'supermoon' trigger disasters?‎ : a vedic astrology view

Next week, the moon will make its closest approach to Earth in almost 20 years. Some fret that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other disasters will follow
Keep your eyes on the night sky on March 19, also known as the evening of the extreme Super Moon, when the lunar sphere comes as close as it ever has, or will, to Earth. Some believe the astronomical event will be followed by catastrophic storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Here's why:
What exactly is a "Super Moon"?
The term refers to the unusually large new (or full) moon that earthlings see when the moon travels almost as close as it can to Earth. An "extreme Super Moon" occurs when the moon reaches its absolute closest point. On March 19, the moon will be only 221,556 miles away — the first extreme Super Moon in nearly 20 years.
Should we be concerned?
Those who believe in horoscopes might be. Some astrologers (not astronomers) say this natural wonder signals the beginning of a "moonageddon," coinciding with enormous storms, earthquakes and floods. Kit Karson at Psychic Cosmos further predicts that the financial markets could collapse as prices surge into "panic mode."

Is this for real?
Astrologists point to history to validate their predictions, says Ben Yakas at Gothamist. Both the New England hurricane of 1938 and the Australian Hunter Valley floods of 1955 happened during Super Moons, they say. The last Super Moon came in 2005, at around the same time as Hurricane Katrina and the Indonesian tsunami. Is there any science backing these theories up?
Absolutely none, says Pete Wheeler of the International Center for Radio Astronomy. All that will happen next week is that the Earth will experience a "lower than usual low tide and a higher than usual high tide." A Super Moon, he concludes, is "nothing to get excited about."

But what about extreme weather during past Super Moons?
It's just coincidence, says astronomer David Reneke. "'If you try hard enough you can chronologically associate almost any natural disaster or event to anything in the night sky." In the past, he adds, people thought the sun would be pulled apart when the planets aligned. "It didn't happen." And the catastrophic events cited by excitable astrologers didn't even happen that close to Super Moons, points out John Metcalfe at TBD. The Hunter river flooded in February 1955, "two whole months before and after bookending Super Moons." {“THE WEEK”.


In vedic astrology too there is a belief that the earth quakes occurs near the purnima or amavasya.But these are dangerous generally when there is a graham (eclipse).but here if we see the transits then really there seems some problem but not exactly on 19th this may occur one or two day before or after and merely to some parts of the earth. For the predictions on specific areas the horoscopes of those areas, nations must be available. On that day mars and moon aspects each other mutually. Moon is already afflicted by Saturn because being retrograde this afflicts moon. Saturn from retrograde aspect aspects mars and mars aspects the Saturn.rahu aspects the moon and ketu aspects the mars. This can be said a very malefic and inauspicious bad transit. But in vedic astrology dashas are too important. Saturn is afflicting the benefic planet Jupiter also.
If we talk of India the date’s 19th, 20th and 22nd march can not be said well.

मोदी या राहुल – वर्ष 2019 किसके लिए अच्छा साबित होगा

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