Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wikileaks leaks information about Congress party – already predicted by me

Today wikileaks leaked again that Congress party paid bribe to four MPs of RLD a regional corrupt political party of India to take their support in 2008. There is uproar in the parliament today. Now troubles for Congress will certainly increase


On 3rd January in an exclusive prediction for “Dainik Jagran” the leading hindi daily I had made a forecast that there is going to be few expose which will shake the nation. This is not the end of the series of expose but there is enough yet to come on surface. When I had predicted wikileaks was not in news.


I had already predicted the bad days of Congress in 2009 just after the party came again in power with few other political parties. Many of readers of my blog were surprised that how this was possible when every thing was well. Congress with its allies was in comfortable majority and the opposition was so week. But there were enough reasons to give such a risky prediction. If astrologers will the chart of Congress and Indian independence every thing will be clear.

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