Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When I wrote the very small article yesterday on lunar eclipse I forgot to mention few things because of unstable mind due to ill health. I generally do not write about the bad happenings but this time I am scared after viewing the planetary position of India, Congress party and other notable persons.
Notable persons having their sun, moon, lagna in Taurus – brishabh or Scorpio – vrishchik will have troubles if their dasha is or two notable persons will pass away.Indira Gandhi was told about the death of Sanjay Gandhi on the basis of eclipse falling that year. And she was very frightened and scared that night.

This eclipse is going to take place on the axis of Taurus the Indian independence chart and Scorpio axis. As I have already predicted that Rahu antardasha is not able to give the LOKPAL bill (in “Dainik Jagran”).and I had also predicted the bad time phase for the Congress party. And I had given the exact dates also. But after 27th September this type of legislation is possible.
But the team Anna is committed to pass the bill till 16th august at any cost. I must say that congress party is running in very bad phase so the ruling party will not hesitate in taking some undemocratic steps which will cause trouble in the country. Black money will remain an issue and this ids not going to be buried despite the wishes of government.

Earth quakes or other natural calamities are possible because the mars have already entered the Taurus Scorpio axis. Entry of mars in Rahu Ketu axis will prove very bad.

I can conclude by saying that this eclipse will be very bad for the world and worst for the India. For India there will be war like situation. A dictator government shall take unwanted and unexpected decisions.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


On 15th june India is going to witness another "chandra grahan" which is not going to be auspicious in any way for the India.on the basis of this grahan i had predicted about N D Tiwari.
Because this eclipse will cover the ascendant - lagna of India.lagna and seventh house of India will be afflicted and affected. The seventh house represents the public the nation. Alliances, agreements, war battle etc.
First house is related to behaviour of the nation, national disaster sand situation like emergency.

The movements lead by Anna or Ram Deo or any one else will get momentum and the government will be on back foot.

Any incident will take place which will be matter of concern. Especially this eclipse will be very bad for government, congress party and Sonia Gandhi. (I have got the exact birth details of Sonia Gandhi.

"Because of ill health i am not able to explain all this in detail. But many things i have already predicted".

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