Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sonia Gandhi has gone under a surgery. This is the big news for the media. The news came after she moved. Before this no one can even guess is she really ill. I noticed generally she is suffering from cold. Her horoscope indicates this. In recent times I wrote about her bad timings but frankly speaking I did not concentrate on her health. Because any house of horoscope or a planet indicates various aspects of life. Even I ignored after getting the news of her being in the hospital.
But one of my friends residing in gulf indicated some thing about the doctor and institute where she was admitted then I compelled to see her chart regarding her health.


VINSHOTTARY DASHAS -When she entered in hospital she was running under the vishottary dasha of following planet -

Mahadasha - Mercury
Antardasha - Ketu
Pratyantardasha - Mercury
Sookshma dasha - Venus
Prandasha - Rahu

When I use five stages vimshottary dasha here in her chart I found that except venus all four dashas were related either to the sixth house or twelfth house. Sixth house indicates illness and twelfth indicates hospital and also aspects the sixth house.
but one thing always should be keep in the mind that for getting ill one's lagna - ascendant should be afflicted certainly. Here her lagna lord is moon with the sixth lord jupiter.Rahu Ketu aspects the twelfth and sixth axis. Not only this the retrograde saturn also aspects the sixth house and MD lord mercury. And mars aspects the saturn which is situated in twelfth. Mercury dasha will prove maraka for her.but this dasha will last till april which antardasha will be maraka this important.and rest of the predictions about her has been given by can be read in older posts.

her horoscope has been provided here but the exact birth detail is not being provided.



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