Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After Anna Hazare now this is turn of Adwani to fight against corruption. He is going to start visiting the whole nation called as “Rath Yatra”.this indicates his willingness to continue in the race of prime minister. He was sidelined by the party after defeats in the 2009 Loksabha polls. He must have decided the rath yatra by the permission of the party and the RSS as well.

I have written about Adwani in previous post in hindi.so to repeat all the things again is not rational. But for the readers who can not read in hindi I provide here the predictions which I gave in my previous post.

Is Adwani going to be P.M –?

In april 2008 very before the Loksabha polls (held in may 2009) I had predicted that he is not going to be P.M at any cost. The very prediction was published in hindi daily “Dainik Jagran” on 16th june 2008.

What about the success of Rath yatra –

BJP is running in a bad phase again but for very little time. first of all Yeddyurappa had to resign after serious charges of corruption and recently Uttarakhand C.M Nishank had to quit.BJP is running under vinshottary mahadasha of Venus-Ketu.this simply means that party is under the dasha chhidra(transition phase).the 20 years venus mahadasha is about to end and six year Sun mahadasha is about to start. In astrology the transition phases are considered very sensitive because a new dasha have had to start.so many changes takes place. The change of guard in Karnataka and Uttarakhand is because of this transition phase of venus mahadasha.many more changes are possible in BJP in near future. This transition phase will last till 5th april 2012.

From 5th april BJP will be running under the vimshottary mahadasha of Sun.sun is in the tenth house of the party.in navamsa this sun is situated in ninth house being forth lord.and in dashamsa chart the sun is in “viprit rajyoga”.

L.K.ADWANI – Adwani is running in the Saturn mahadasha.this Saturn is situated in the ascendant – lagna in the axis of Rahu and Ketu.this Saturn is in the “sarpa drekkana”.not only this but this Saturn is not in any Rajyoga which could give him any office. This Saturn mahadasha was started since 15th September 2008.on this very ground I had predicted that he will not be P.M even after NDA comes to power. From 19th September 2011 his mercury antardasha will start. Mercury is eighth and eleventh lord. And this mercury is not only retrograde but combust. He must be bothered about his health. There are two phases of his health getting worsening.

1. Till 14th may 2012.if till this time his health will be fine then till 30th may 2013 there is no danger to his longevity.

2. After 30th may he will come in danger zone.

From 30th may till 15th august 2013 his health will be a matter of concern.

Now again I come to the “Rath Yatra” issue. If his rath yatra starts and ends from October till November then this can not be called unsuccessful.

CONCLUSION – Adwani will not be P.M in case NDA comes to power. if the general elections will be held before the scheduled time then Congress and BJP will be in neck to neck fight. But if this takes place before the scheduled time then certainly BJP is coming in to power. But Lal Krishna Adwani will not be the prime minister.

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