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I am using the horoscope of Narendra modi after getting his birth details by astrologer Shri Shankar Hegde. Shri k N Rao has also seen this chart. As Hegde ji has discussed this with him. I did not know what Mr. Hegde or Rao Sir has predicted about him. I am using only data provided by him as 17th October 1950 10:00 am vadnagar Gujrat.

His horoscope is of scorpio ascendant – lagna. The lagna lord also being the sixth lord is mars situated in the lagna itself. This mars is aspected by Saturn. This Saturn is making him courageous and daring. See the seventh house.

Seventh lord venus is combust and debilitated and with Saturn and mars aspects the seventh house. Seventh lord venus is also in Rahu Ketu axis. The fifth house and lord the saptamsa chart is also badly affected. how one can have marital bliss. And because of these malefic effects he has no children.

Narendra bhai Modi became chief minister of Gujrat in Rahu – Venus vinshottary dasha.Rahu is in the Pisces in the fifth house of minister ship. The depositor of Rahu is Jupiter situated in fourth house of throne – simhasan.from October 2013 he will be in the dasha of Jupiter Venus. Which will last till july 2016.this combust and debilitated Venus is in a rajyoga.and also with exalted mercury. I am providing the chart here. The horoscope has required rajyogas for the prime minister. And if the elections are held on the scheduled time then the necessary transits are also favourable.any astrologer can not predict that who will be prime minister. he can only predict about the persons who have the favourable combinations.i have horoscope of three more leaders of BJP.few of them have also good strength in their horoscopes.

Hurdles – see the venus is combust and debilitated with the eighth lord mercury. Eighth house denote hurdles, unexpectedness and the conspiracies and intrigues.

Marak dashas – the both antardasha and mahadasha is marak so he should be careful to his security and health.

I have provided his birth details so astrologers can work on his chart and see the possibilities.

Birth details - 17th October 1950 10:00 am vadnagar Gujrat.

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