Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I had given detailed predictions perhaps in 2009 in Dainik jagran on BJP leader Sushma Swaraj.that is available in my one of the previous posts. Here I would like to say that I got her birth detail from a top BJP leader. But here I will also say that only one horoscope is circulated unlikely Narendra Modi.

During the elections she will run in the vinshottary dasha of Sturn – Venus. The transits will also be in her favour.I never denying her to be in race of prime ministership. She has also enough Rajyoga. But there will also be a fight from other leaders of BJP. She will have to do struggle. Among all other 3 candidate she will have to struggle much. And during the selection of prime minister she may be trapped in some disputes. This may harm her candidature.

But the predictions for Sushma Swaraj and Narendra modi has been done keeping in the mind hat elections will be held on scheduled time. If the elections are proponed then the whole prediction will be completely changed. One thing more – if elections are held before the time means if before near about one year then any new leader from BJP may emerge.

FOR MORE DETAILS HINDI READERS CAN READ PREVIOUS POSTS OF THE BLOG. Part 3 and part 4 will be published soon. If more horoscope of top leaders will be available I will give predictions on those BJP leaders also.

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