Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Out of the four possible candidates for prime minister from Bhartiya Janta Party I have already discussed about two Narendra Modi and Sushma Swaraj in my earlier posts. now I am giving my predictions about Rajnath Singh.currently he is running in the vinshottary dasha of Jup – Rahu means in the transitional dasha or in the dasha chhidra pahase as his party is also running in the dasha sankraman (transition phase astrologically).means a greater change in the party and also in the career of Rajnath Singh.from 27th October 2013 Rajnath Singh will be running in the Saturn maha dasha.this Saturn is in the very excellent rajyoga(good planetary combination to achieve a higher office).this Saturn is in the antarparivartan rajyoga.and this rajyoga is falling at the fifth eleventh axis. This axis is too important to achieve a post of prime minister. During the elections Saturn will be in scorpio and will aspect both the fifth and ninth lord. Being sixth lord this Saturn is retrograde also. So he will always remain in the fight for the top post in the country from BJP.

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