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K.N.Rao the well known astrologer gave his predictions on politics on 14th regarding effect of transit of Saturn. He is a great astrologer and most of the successful predictions on politics go to his credit. He gave many successful predictions about Nehru Gandhi family. he predicted the timing of death and downfall of Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi , Sanjay Gandhi.

He always used verified horoscopes and never touched the unverified horoscopes. He predicted well on BJP.he gave timings of BJP coming in the power for the first time.

But since 2004 I have not seen his any prediction coming true. And this is very painful for me. When the UPA 1 was in power and left was about to withdraw the support Shri Rao predicted that the government wills collapse. And after that his every prediction on central government went wrong.

I started to write this because recently he gave few predictions on the transit of Saturn in Libra. He has predicted that Congress will perform well in recent coming assembly elections. He has clearly predicted that Congress party will win in Uttarakhand and share power in Uttarpradesh.this may come true but not astrologically. Actually what ever he opposed in his whole life he is following the same. His prediction of power sharing seems merely speculations. He has given the reasons that Jupiter and Saturn will be influencing the tenth house of Congress party. but at the same time he forgets that Saturn and Jupiter will be influencing the fifth house of thing is important that till april 2012 BJP will not be in good vimshottary dasha but at the same time Congress is in more worsen vimshottary dasha than BJP.


- Adwani will not be prime minister of India in near future (I predicted in starting of 2008).

- There will be infightings in BJP.(in 2008).

- The expected timing of elections of 2009.

- About Varun Gandhi.

- About Mayawati,Margret Alwa,Lalji Tandon,Jaswant Singh,M Karunanidhi.

- About Mulayam Singh,Rajnath Singh.

- About fall of Yeddyurappa.

- About health of Manmohan Singh.

- About worst condition and unpopularity and fall of Congress.

- About corruption Lokpal,Anna Hazare movement.

- About good timings of BJP and many more I don’t remember all published in news papers, and few in my blog –

- Few of them are also available in my website. Initially I used to write in my blog and my blog was attached to my website.

I have no intension to criticize the personality like respected K N Rao but he should not give bad example. And he should be stick to his own principles. Now a days many times he use to predict on the basis of transits only as he did in this new case. Merely Saturn Jupiter transit will not decide every thing. Even if they are able enough to do so then he should study comparatively.

MY VIEW – I am still of the view that Congress is yet to see her worse as I was the only astrologer to predict the bad timings of Congress. I predicted this just after UPA2 came in power with comfortable majority with the allies. On Uttar Praesh assembly elections I will give predictions soon when I will have all the desired data.

the article was previously published in my website -

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