Monday, February 6, 2012


 I am providing her the translation of my predictions published in Dainik Jagran today.
U.P Election campaign is on move. The counting will be on 6th march. According to astrology U.P is going to have a hung legislative assembly. Planets are indicating that U.P will have more than one C.M in this assembly.


If we analyse the horoscope of Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadava’s horoscope one can see that there is short term Rajyoga in his horoscope which will be full of problems.
The placement of his tenth house lord venus is in lagna.Rahu is in fifth house with Jupiter. The fifth house is creating a wonderful Rajyog in his horoscope. at present he is undergoing Rahu mahadasha.but this Rahu is forming Guru Chandal yoga with lord of eighth house implies that this Rajyoga is not a complete one and also with problems. He will be under the impact of Rahu mahadasha till 2015.from 2015 he will be under mahadasha of Jupiter. It will not be that effective. He may perform better in U.P and hold the top post or may achieve a birth in union cabinet.


B.S.P Supremo Mayawati is under under the antardasha of moon in Saturn mahadasha.moon is the lord of tenth and eleventh the D9 navamsa chart it is eighth lord and has been malefic due to D10 dashamsa it is again eighth lord. it means she is less likely to get a chance just after U.P elections. in future she may strike a deal. She may get benefits till November 2012.but after 2012 the antardasha of mars is full of ill – omens till 2nd November 2013.

The time from 8th march to 9th august 2012 will be full of surprise for the the grand old may get benefit to some extent.a renouned politician of the party may die and any renouned congress leader will be exposed in any scandal.
BJP has to wait...after 5th april BJP will be in a great Rajyoga.i have predicted about BJP in 2009 very before that good time – Rajyoga of BJP will start after april 2012.

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