Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We have only the birth detail of congress party in the UPA2coaltion government and in the same way we have only the horoscope of BJP and shivsena.these are the restrictions which create hurdle for us to give a concrete prediction. But at least the prediction about the health of the congress party may be done. so what is the fate of the congress party which is already facing the allegations of corruption and is in its worst phase.
Congress is running under Jupiter mahadasha.intrestingly the Jupiter mahadasha started in February 2009.congress came under power at centre. To understand Jupiter of congress is too tough. it is retrograde and badly afflicted. On this ground many astrologers predicted that the party will not come in power again.
But this does not mean that afflicted Jupiter will not show its bad effects. Just after the formation of government I predicted about the bad time of congress. Many senior renowned astrologers asked my not to do so. But I had seen some thing in the Jupiter of congress which is going to create problems for congress. her predictions are still safe in my website and blog.

What happens next -

An astrologer is not supposed to predict on ongoing situation in the country but he has to predict on the basis of only one planetary position.

Congress is in the dasha of jup – sat till October 2013. The afflicted Jupiter and Saturn are not going to bring any relief for party. Jupiter and Saturn in Nawansh D9 and dashamsa D10 divisional chart are also badly afflicted. This means that if the government survives till October 2013 this will be a miracle.
If we discuss the much important jaimini dasha of astrology then we get that congress party was in very favourable cancer dasha phase from January 2002 till January 2012.from January 2012 congress has come under infavourable and ominous dasha phase of Leo. till September 2012 party is under kanya antardasha of jaimini .this was the reason the party was in confidence and became able to fight all kind of odd situations. all the anshans andolans failed because party was in strong dasha phase.

Congress again under bad phase - 25th sept 2012 – may 2013

From 02nd September 2012 congress party will be in the jamini dasha phase of SIMHA – THULA.Thula antardasha is not favourable for the party and and it’s top leaders as well. See the placement of debilitated and retrograde mars in the tenth house from thula.mars is the lord of two maraka – fatal house lords. This indicates that congress will not be merely in bad but will in ominous phase. Any great loss to the party is not denied. Because the party will be in the dasha and antardasha of marak jaimini phase. if we see the vinshottary  system the party will be in moon pratyantar of Saturn antar from 25th September 2012 and in mars pratyantar from December 2012.even both vinshottary pratyantar dasha phases are not favourable at all for the party.

After September 25, health and safety of the top leaders of the party will be an issue. This will be a very ominous period for the party. Some top leader may pass away because of maraca will loose its base and the leaders will be involved in scandals. Few issues will lead the government collapsed.
The U.PA 2 will not be able to complete its term. After few months situation will be completely against the congress. Few dalit leaders may be cause of trouble for the party.
The congress party must take care of health of the party, it,s top leaders and also must have vigil on the security of it’s leaders.

Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh


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