Monday, August 13, 2012


I am doing research on a topic in astrology. The topic is much
disputed so I cannot tell you anything in detail. Before 2050 there
shall be a year in which many things will be destroyed if not
everything, especially in India there will be much loss. It will not
be Doom’s Day but much like Doom’s Day or The Day of Judgment or
“Pralay”. My research is going on and it may take years. I have
contacted many literate persons of Hindi language. Though it is the
field of astrology but persons of various fields are required for it.
A sage gave me instructions to pursue this research. I will have to
use many articles written by Indian literati. It is confirmed that it
will not be like “Pralay” that is stated in mythical stories but it
will be greatest loss of all times. I will have to research its
authenticity according to the norms of astrology. For this I need at
least 500 horoscopes of Assam, Bengal and North Eastern people.
I am not in the position to tell anything right now about this
incident. I am sure that it will be the most ambitious research so far
astrology is concerned. May God have mercy and may not inflict this
doom on humankind in which there will be major danger, loss and agony
for the people of India.
I don’t want to write much about this topic right now because I want
to delve deep in the intricacies of this topic and I don’t want to be
disputed. I will write about this topic in the days to come.
Astrologer Sushil Kumar Singh.

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