Thursday, October 18, 2012


The India seems in a state of anarchy these days. The UPA2 government and the congress are running in its toughest time phase. The UPA1 government was running successfully and this coalition won the election again and came to power in 2009 again. Every thing was going smoothly and peacefully then what happened suddenly that every thing went against the government. A series of allegations and agitations by common man and a series of expose have been started now days. What is the reasons behind this.why L.K.Adwani or Sushma Swaraj are not leaders of opposition. Why now Arvind Kejriwal and before this Anna Hazare were leaders. I would try to search the astrological reasons behind this and also will try to predict what next?


Astrologers generally use the horoscopes of 15th august 1947 and better results are achieved. I my self always predicted on the basis of Independence Day chart. I also worked on the basis of republic day horoscope but there are limits there. One can predict regarding constitutions etc but a complete prediction is possible only by the Indian independence chart. When UPA1 came to power India was running in Venus mahadasha.this dasha was not able enough for any agitation, protest etc because venus was lagna lord.and lagna lord is generally good. Many protest took place in the twenty year venus mahadasha also but those could not work because of venus being lagna lord those happened because Venus was sixth lord also. But the things changed in 2009 when the Sun mahadasha started in the Indian Independence Day chart. and UPA2 was trapped in this transition dasha phase. And I will try to say that had BJP come to power she would have also seen the same days.

The cause of every great change is the change of mahadasha. India is running in the vinshottary dasha of sun. Sun is the fourth lord in the Independence Day chart of India. Remember sun is the fourth lord of Indian’s horoscope. Fourth house represents many things in mundane astrology.
The main things which the fourth house represents for a nation as given in our ancient astrology text are as following

Democratic movements
Real estate
Throne of the king
Landed interests and mainly
Opposition parties

Since the sun is the fourth lord is in the third house with four more planets including moon mercury Saturn and Venus. So there are five planets in the third house of Indian independence chart. Every planet has its impact there and impact on sun but every planet can not be discussed because I am confined here to sun but the significance of the third house must be discussed because the predictions are related to mainly third and fourth house. The third house represents following things-

Public opinion
Army chief
Mental attitude of people
News papers and news channels


Now see the news items are generally related to these things only. All the disputes and allegations are related to politicians are related to above these issues. The government is in stress and the social activists are too active. There are serious charges of corruption on the ministers and leaders of the ruling coalition. About the congress and BJP I have predicted separately earlier. and every thing almost coming true.
From july 2012 India is running in the SUN – SAT vinshottary dasha phase this Saturn caused many problems but up to some extents government and the congress party faced these issues. But in transition mars came in the seventh house of the people with the Rahu. Combination of Rahu and mars are making the problem more serious. This will be a state of anarchy in India. Many worst things are yet to happen. From august 2011 till august 2013 India will be facing these issues. Many issues will be fought on roads till august 2013.and the government of UPA2 will collapse till august 2013.few prominent politicians will pass away. Any important person on an important chair will pass away.
But these will be completely fruitful for the country. till December last 2012 some thing very bad is going to happen with the nation.Rahu will be with the mars in the seventh house of public.

Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh


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