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The birth details especially birth timings of Nehru Gandhi family has been hided very desperately. The birth details of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru were easily available. And the birth detail of Indira Gandhi was also available. But Indira Gandhi was a hard believer of astrology and tantra.She even practiced tantra.and perhaps she was the first high profile politician who used to meet tantrics even in jungles. She had intimacy with maa anandomayee and great saint Deoraha baba.

Many astrologers used to give prediction about her so she did not disclosed the birth details of Rajeev Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. Few astrologers got the birth details any how. And few astrologers like K.N.Rao rectified the birth details.B.V.Raman used to make predictions correctly by the wrong birth details. Because he had mastered nadi siddhi.


There are many astrologers using 1946 as birth year of Sonia Gandhi but there are proofs that her birth year was 1944.this was hided because of some legal issues. Ironically few big names in Indian astrology used to predict on her false birth details. This was only K.N.Rao and few other astrologers who dared to suspect her birth details. If astrologer has wrong birth detail he or she can rectify this by verifying the events of the life of the concerned person. But astrologers hesitate this because this is too lengthy process. and there are few chances of going wrong even after rectifications because few horoscopes shows same results on more than one ascendants or lagans.
Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi did never disclose the birth details of their children. I got the birth detail of Rahul Gandhi from a person very close to that family. I always use that and get good results. I never tried for the birth details of Priyanka Gandhi.


Many important politicians are calling me daily to know the future of Robert Vdra because according to them the future of Vadra will decide the political fate of Nehru Gandhi family. Ironically friends and foes both are bothered about his fate. And the media is also too bothered about Vadra.


Yesterday I worked on his chart believing that the circulated birth date is correct.
There are four major events of his life His marriage with Priyanka Gandhi, accident of his dear sister, suicide of his elder brother, death of his father in mysterious conditions.


 He married to Priyanka Gandhi who came from a very prestigious ruling family. For a common man marrying such a beautiful lady coming from a great family there should be a very good luck and in the words of astrology there should be very strong Rajyogas.See the seventh house of lagna chart of horoscope Robert Vadra.There are sun, mercury and moon placed there. His marriage was a love marriage. See his lagna chart first. His seventh lord is exalted venus in fifth house of love and emotions being aspected by fifth lord and dara karak Jupiter from eleventh house.  Seventh lord and fifth lord aspects each other directly. See how the Jupiter itself is darakarak and also the fifth lord aspecting the fifth house where the exalted seventh lord is situated. Only in such a strong planetary position was able to solemnize the marriage of a common business man with a princess Priyanka.
But are there some problems in marriage I’ll explain in the last of my article.

Let us see the transits also during the marriage. During the marriage in 1997 saturn was transiting in fifth house over the fifth lord aspecting the seventh house also fulfilling the theory of importance of transit of Saturn over seventh house. Jupiter was aspecting the seventh house and the fifth lord as well. Mars was transiting over the seventh lord and the fifth house. See here the three major planets are not only related to seventh house but also the fifth house. This is very interesting for those who want to learn about the astrological explanations of the love marriages.


In 2001 his dearest sister was dead when she met an accident. Third house of horoscope represents the younger siblings. Third lord Saturn is placed in sixth house, house of accidents. From mars which signifies the siblings the third lord is in the sixth house. Mars also aspects the saturn placed in the sixth house because mars is retrograde. From sixth house Saturn also aspects the third house. Being retrograde mars aspects from one house before. In dreshkana seventh lord is venus. Third house of younger sibling is aspected by debilitated and retrograde mars. In dreshkana chart Jupiter being second lord aspects the third house. During the Jupiter – Venus dasha her sister was died in an accident.
In 2003 his elder brother committed suicide in the dasha phase of Jupiter moon. See the same thing as in his sister applies here in birth chart and in drekkana chart here. The elder sibling is seen through the eleventh house. In both the charts moon is badly afflicted by retrograde mars.
In 2009 his father died in mysterious circumstances. Most of the persons and media persons call this a suicide. in 2009 Robert Vadra was running in the Saturn vinshottary mahadasha and antardasha as well. Saturn is seventh and eighth lord from ninth house, house of father. His death was not a normal death can be seen by the D12 Dwadashamsa chart. In dwadashamsa chart ninth lord moon is in sixth house in Rahu Ketu axis RKA.In ninth house itself Saturn is placed with debilitated and retrograde mars. His Saturn in lagna chart is aspected by retrograde mars.


Robert Vadra has entered in Saturn mahadasha .this Saturn is in the sixth house of disputes. From September 2010 he has come in the mercury antardasha.this mercury is good because this is the eleventh lord placed in the seventh house. Mercury being eleventh lord placed in seventh house is very good combination for success in business. for all issues related to business mercury must be read very carefully because mercury is the major planet for all type of business activities. And when mercury is retrograde and is being aspected by a retrograde mars and in D9 navansha chart mercury is badly afflicted any businessman can not go ahead with out hurdles and serious problems. And this helped him to be a successful businessman. But this mercury is very bad because this retrograde and is eighth lord. And not only is this but this aspected by retrograde mars. Aspect of mars on mercury is the main combination which created problem for him. Mars signifies land, real estate and property. And during Saturn – mercury dasha he came in a great dispute which shook the whole nation when the activist Arvind Kejriwal imposed serious allegations of land deals. Mercury signifies bank, accountancy, income tax etc.he is now in trouble as per the laws. he faced all these allegations in Jupiter paratyantar dasha.his problems are not going to solve soon.

After 14th November time is not favourable for Rober Vadra.Vadra has to face serious problems regarding current issues raised by Kejriwal.From starting of December he may face serious problems regarding his assets and properties. This eighth lord retrograde mercury shows many hidden enemies and many intrigues and conspiracies .his business will be under scanner of some agencies. One must not think that the matter will be forgotten...this will create serious trouble for him.

Problem is the marital life of Robert Vadra is clearly seen. From May 2013 some differences will be created between Robert and Priyanka.from june 2014 I see a very serious issues in his relations. His seventh house is badly afflicted and in venus antardasha Robert vadra has to face serious problems in his marital life. Planets also indicate that he has already passed through some problems in his marital life before.
At last this can be concluded that Robert Vadra has come in a very bad dasha November as I predicted his problems will increase. And this shall continue for a long time. He will have to face problems on many fronts.

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