Sunday, December 9, 2012



This prediction is based on the birth details of Chidambaram which not verified.

From few days one more name is in news for the post of prime minister from Congress party. And that name is of current finance minister P.Chidambaram.He is in news for his direct cash transfer scheme and few other economic reforms. Media especial foreign media has announced him as next prime ministerial candidate from Congress party. There may be many reasons for this.

According to the birth detail which is yet to be verified Chidambaram was running in the Jupiter – Venus vimshottary dasha from march 2009.venus antardasha gave him mixed results. In this dasha he got birth in Manmohan cabinet. But in the same dasha he faced many charges of corruption. In the public his image tarnished. Before this he was considered very honest politician. His venus is in the bhagyasthan (house of luck) but the venus is twelfth house lord also. In navamsa this venus is exalted. Because of these combinations venus gave mixed results. From November 2012 Chidambaram entered in sun antardasha.sun is well placed in the tenth house being tenth lord. This dasha also worked well but allegations of corruption continued. Since September 2012 Chidambaram has entered in moon antardasha.this antarasha is going to give results just opposite to the public perceptions.
In the lagna horoscope moon is in second marak house aspected by Rahu mars and Saturn from eighth house. This is too dangerous situation. This moon dasha will last till december according to the available birth details next year is not good for P.Chidambaram.

Chaturshitisama dasha – 

According to chaturshithisama dasha he is running in mercury – mars. For reading the impacts of conditional dasha one must see the related divisional chart. See the dashamsa chart. Mars is aspected by Saturn here in navamsa mars is again in Rahu Ketu axis.

In coming years Chidambaram will not be able to get a birth in cabinet according to this horoscope. So how can an astrologer predict him as P.M.

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