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We are about to enter in new year 2013.and the december of 2012 was abnormal due to some incidents like gang rape of a medico girl in delhi and huge protests in Delhi.From 14th January till 27th june state of the nations does not seem good at all. From july 2012 India is already running in SUN –SAT period of vinshottary mahadasha.from 14th January Rahu will enter in thula the libra and conjoin with mundane astrology Saturn and Rahu combination is considered very bad especially in the sixth house of any nation. And worst is that these both planets are transiting over natal Jupiter of India. Any reputed politician will be exposed for any sex scandal. There will be very rapid change in politics after may. Till 27th june 2013 country is running in the Sun –Saturn vinshottary period with a worse transit of Saturn and rahu.
Sun represents governments, authorities, cabinets, prime minister, chief ministers, the renowned business tycoons and reputed religious leaders. Since sun is afflicted by Saturn and ketu and by mars and Saturn in navamsa.this is the cause that the men women in power are showing arrogance of highest level. Till june 2013 situation will be worsen due to various reasons. All threes planets are situated in the third house of the natal horoscope of India. Third house represents communication, press, media and railway.


From june India will be running in the antardasha of mercury .mercury is also placed in the third house with sun Saturn moon and Venus. Mercury represents almost the same things which are represented by the third house any horoscope. Mercury is the lords of the second and fifth houses of the lagna horoscope. Fifth house signifies entertainment industry. So this is sure that some thing bad is going to happen with the media and communication sector of the country. Mercury represents business and trade. Some persons related business, trade and entertainment sector will be trapped in any issue or scandal. Few media houses/persons famous writers /authors and banks will be in disputes for sure. This mercury is certainly going to fade the futures of few important persons. Some incidents related to tax will rock the nation.


A sex scandal is also seen which will create trouble for any reputed politician/person.Mercury is a planet which generally attains the characters of other planets associated with him. So mercury will give the impact of sun, saturn, moon and Venus. Few of these incidents will happen in the later half of the year 2013 and few in the first half. From 14th april 2013 mars will aspect Rahu and Saturn combination for few days. And this will prove bad for B.JP and Congress. For congress this may be bad for the health of any big shot.


If Congress could save her prestige and reputation till october then this will be a miracle because planets are not supporting. This is very important to note that the congress party and the country both are running in the saturn antardasha.this saturn is making the leaders of the congress party arrogant and stubborn. I have already written about the ominous and worst period of Congress party and BJP (one can read older predictions in the blog – ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS and in the website –


Till 22nd January BJP will be in the phase of feud and infightings. From 22nd January 2013 Bhartiya Janta Party will be in the sub period of sixth and eleventh lord. So there seems the struggle in the party because of the involvement of the sixth house and any kind of gain also. I see dominance and monopoly of one or few persons in the party. See the mars of leo sign simha rashi in the third house of velour .this shows great disputes in the party and some thing bad going to happen there. but this is a phase of transformation in the party. Since may party will be running in the antardasha of Rahu.


 2013 is the year of hurdles for Rahul Gandhi.till November 2013 he is running in the mercury antardasha of mars mahadasha. This mercury is in paptarkari yoga.Mercury is surrounded by mars and Saturn and venus is surrounded by ketu and mars. And mahadasha lord mars is aspected by Saturn. Because of this mercury questions are raised on his intellect and wisdom. From November till 2014 he will be running in the ketu antardasha.ketu is too afflicted in his chart. He should be more cautious about his image. Some thing may happen which can tarnish his image.


Till October 2013 he is in the ketu antardasha .in the eleventh house of gain ketu is placed with its lord mercury and debilitated Venus. Fourth fifth and ninth house is seen for the highest posts like prime minister, chief ministers etc .the fifth lord of Narendra Modi is placed in the fourth house and the fourth lord aspects fifth house from eleventh house of gain. The chart of Narendra Modi has rajyogas but he should be too cautious regarding his security and health.

Second part of these predictions including other politicians will be published soon.

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