Monday, January 28, 2013


Rajnath singh has been elected as next president of Bhartiya Janta Party on 23rd January 2013.he replaced Nitin Gadkari who had to resign at the eleventh hour.Gadkari was about to be elected on 23rd but on 23rd January there were some actions by income tax department against him. I had predicted very clearly in October 2012 that Nitin Gadkari had lost his Rajyogas. I had predicted that after few years he will be forgotten. I had predicted about Rajnath in october 2011 with two other BJP leaders Narendra Modi and Sushma Swaraj.


In every website his birth detail is given as 10th july 1951 which is not correct and useless for astrologer. He was born on 13th February 1950 at 23:19 in a remote village of varanasi.On 25th March 1997; he became State President of UP BJP. During this period apart from expanding and strengthening the organization, he played a key role in saving the BJP led Government twice during the political crisis. And in his leadership BJP got maximum 58 seats in lokasabha. Before 1997 Rajnath was not too famous and not a well known name. This was the dashachidra period of Rahu and Jupiter.Rahu period was about to end and Jupiter was about to start. And this started giving indications of the rise of a diplomat.
He entered in the Jupiter mahadasha from October 1997. His Jupiter dasha phase made him a national leader. He has too strong Jupiter.Being sixth lord Jupiter is debilitated which is considered good. He is of thula lagna and lagna lord is retrograde venus in fourth house with Jupiter sand ninth lord mercury. Mercury is his strength. This mercury is not afflicted by any malefic planet. This mercury Jupiter combination is repeated in D9 navamsh and D10 dashamsa chart by mutual aspects. This combination is with lagna lord venus making him wise intellectual and able to make right decisions at right time.
In December 2005 he was selected as new president of Bhartiya Janta Party.this was very important moment of his life because he became president after replacing the top leader of the party Lal Krishna Adwani.vinshottary dasha was of Jupiter – Venus.i have already discussed the strength of both planets.


He was elected as president of Bhartiya Janta Party for second time on 23rd January in Jupiter – Rahu periods. This is a time of transitions of dasha planets.he will be in the Saturn mahadasha from October 2013.this Saturn is in a sthan parivartan rajyoga. Saturn is placed in the eleventh house being fifth lord and sun is placed in the fifth house being eleventh lord. For a politician dashas related to fifth and eleventh axis too important. Before October his tenure will not be too easy but he will able to solve every issue. From October he will run in a different dasha phase.


Rajnath sinh was selected as president of BJP for first time in antar and pratyantar of vanus the eighth lord. Eighth lord generally gives success by removing a deserving person. One gets success for which some other deserved or entitled. This time on 23rd January also Rajnath singh was running in the pratyantar of venus the eighth lord.

About prime ministerial candidate from BJP I shall predict in another post because for this I need almost seven to ten horoscopes from BJP. In other case I need birth details of politicians from other political parties.


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