Sunday, April 28, 2013


I had given my New Year predictions for 2013 in December 2012.i had given predictions on various issues there. Now I am going to predict through Hindu New Year horoscope. From nav varsh pravesh kundali mundane predictions are done specially for those who are in power. And from Hindu New Year horoscope meteorological predictions can be done.  Natural calamities can be predicted with the help of this chart along with the eclipses. I have not predicted here on the basis of eclipses. I’ll do this later. Initially I used to predict on the basis of eclipses. With the help of eclipses predictions can be done about celebrities especially for those who are in power.

Jupiter being king of the new Hindu year may be considered auspicious. This will improve the worst effect of the other dangerous planetary combinations this year. There shall be more faith in religion. Brahmans and learned persons will be prominent this year; judiciary will deliver tough and strong decisions this year. There are more possibilities of the older prominent suppressed cases of corruption and many politicians may go jail. Jupiter signifies the judiciary. Apex court will deliver some stunning judgments.


But the other aspects of Hindu new year chart is too bad. There are five planets in meena rashi in the eighth house. Worst condition is the lordships of various houses in eighth house. Tenth lord is exalted venus but in eighth house and eighth lord is Jupiter in tenth house.
This clearly shows that the government will collapse this year. Saturn is in thula rashi with Rahu in the third house. Since Saturn is retrograde it aspects from one house before as per parashara principles. So these five plants in the eighth house of hindu new year (nav varsh pravesh kundali) are directly aspected by retrograde Saturn is making situation worst.
Most of the governments will loose power. There are few chances of few regional parties coming in power in few states where elections are to be held. Both Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party are not running in good time phase. Condition of BJP will get improved from mid june but Congress have no chance.
Other members of New Year cabinet show more serious natural calamities. I can say that an astrologer will always considered such planetary combinations as too much frightening. These five planets show massacres or mass deaths this year and calamities like earth quakes or cyclones.

Politicians with their kith and kin will be accused in malicious land deals. Few politicians will be accused of having stronger connections with the land mafias.Problems of Robert Vadra are not going to end as I had already predicted. Any senior Bhartiya Janta Party leader will be exposed of having connections with mafias or being involved in illegal business deals. Congress ruled UPA will have to go after coming in embarrassing situations.
For agriculture there is not good news. There seems less rainfall this year. There seems one more thing. There is no improvement in the condition of women. This year cases of elopement of girls will also be an issues will be a serious issue this year. Cases of suicides will increase.
So the five planets in the house of intrigues, suddenness, and unexpectedness will show many unexpected happenings this year. Union government will collapse any time after may last. many politicians will be exposed and there seems some serious natural calamities and mass deaths. after june BJP will come in it’s good time.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


                                          DATE OF BIRTH - 13TH MARCH 1980
                                          TIME OF BIRTH - 22:08
                                          PLACE OF BIRTH - DELHI

I had predicted on Varun Gandhi in 2009 when he was not declared candidate from BJP.I got his birth details and predicted that he is going to see a good phase in politics. That time he was running in the maha dasha of Rahu.
From 5th may 2010 Varun Gandhi is running in the Jupiter vimshottary mahadasha.The Jupiter being third and sixth lord is retrograde which very much praised planetary position is. This Jupiter is placed in the eleventh house with mars and Rahu. So in the eleventh house these three planets are forming a good Rajyoga but also forming two worst yogas (planetary combinations) known as “Guru chandal yoga” and Angarak Yoga”. Even good and bad results of this combination can not be overlooked. These planets are situated in the eleventh house and Saturn being of zero degree is placed in the twelfth house so Saturn is also affecting this house. Mars is second and seventh lord here. Both are the maraka houses. Worst situation is rahu and mars are very much closer. Varun has already faced one bigger ill effect of the worst yogas. His father died in his early age. He was three months old when his father died. And due to the bad effects of these combinations he has yet to face many ill effects. Things will not be very simple and easy for him.

Now I should concentrate over the Rajyogas being formed by the six planets on the fifth and eleventh axis. Jupiter mars and rahu are directly aspected by sun mercury and ketu.i have insisted several times that for a politician fifth and eleventh house is most important. Ninth and fourth house is also important for achieving power and post in politics.


Varun Gandhi has powerful Rajyogas in his horoscope. And his Rajyogas are consistent. And his horoscope shows that he will be a wise and tactical politician. He has nothing to learn politics from others as is in case of his cousin Rahul Gandhi.i have read horoscopes of many sons of politicians who are in politics. For example I don’t see a long lasting Rajyogas in horoscope of U.P chief minister Akhilesh Ydav.
His tenth lord in lagna chart moon is in fourth house which aspects the tenth house the D9 chart this moon is fifth lord placed with ninth lord mars and moon. In D10 dashamsa chart this moon is fourth lord placed in eleventh house. Currently he is running in the vinshottary mahadasha of Jupiter. In the lagna the Jupiter is already in a rajyoga and evren in navamsa Jupiter is in fourth house with the authoritative planet sun. Even in dashamsa Jupiter is placed with sun. Till January 2015 he will be running in the antardasha of Saturn.
From January 2015 he will be in the dasha of JUP – MERC. Retrograde mercury is twelfth and ninth lord.


From 13th march 2013 he has entered in the meena jaimini rashi chara mahadasha.his will end in 2020.this jaimini rashi mahadasha will establish him well but with disputes. He will be in few disputes which may ultimately be politically beneficial for him.
From 21st January 2014 till 15th march 2015 he will be in the conditional dwisaptaptisama dasha of RAHU – MOON. This will be a fruitful phase for Varun.
Varun Gandhi will be recognized as a prominent radical politician of India. He will hold many positions in coming years but every thing will not be so smooth. There will come too hurdles in his career and life. Even till January the time seems good for him as in dwisaptaptisama dasha he is running in the RAHU – SUN dasha phase. In dashamsa these two planets are stronger.

Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh

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