Thursday, June 13, 2013


In the 1999 general elections the BJP-led NDA won 303 seats out of the 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, in the aftermath of the Kargil operations, thereby securing a comfortable and stable majority. On 13 October 1999, Atal Bihari Vajpayee took oath as Prime Minister of India for the third time.
The vinshottary dasha operating that time was of VENUS –RAHU –RAHU.This Rahu is too influential here. Rahu is in the third house of courage, velour and strength .Rahu is in the magha nakshatra means Rahu in the nakshatra of Ketu and in the brish – taurus. The lord of the rashi in which Rahu is placed is Sun which is placed in the third house of the lagna horoscope of B.J.P.Rahu is considered very well in brish navamsa as exalted.

But being in the nakshatra of ketu with retrograde mars and retrograde Saturn Rahu gives its bad impacts also.Rahu in the third house is also house of siblings. There is a research about siblings based on Rahu and third and eleventh house.
This all indicate that B.J.P will loose some allies but also gain other allies too. (I had already predicted in 2012 about Nitish Kumar.

B.J.P has entered in the Rahu antardasha in Sun.Rahu is in third house of courage but this Rahu is with mars which are making the party aggressive after 12th june 2013.i don’t say that this Rahu will bring only happiness for the party but B.J.P will no more be timid before his allies or partners. There are two worst yogas in the third house where rahu is placed. These are guru chaandal yoga and angarak yoga.but dasha is of Rahu so Jupiter will give good results here. But B.J.P will be in the influence of mars too. The mars of third house will make the party aggressive. There are also signs of communal politics by B.J.P.Rahu are muslim and is very tactical. And what to say when rahu is getting impact of three planets Jupiter mars and Saturn.
Not only this but these four planets are aspected by mercury and ketu from ninth house. Need not to forget that mercury is the lagna lord which will make the party aggressive. Combination of Rahu and mars means anarchy, communalism. Since the dispositor of Rahu is is sun placed in the tenth house. And this rahu is with mars which are eleventh house and third house.
This all simply indicate that B.J.P will gain from this kind of politics. There seems certainly.
Some or few stalwarts from B.J.P may pass away. The same thing is going to happen with the grand old party of India (I already have predicted the fatal –marak phase of Congress).
Even India will run in the marak phase after 28th june 2013.if I discuss this mercury in very simple language I can say that nation will loose it’s tolerance. People will suffer because of many problems and governments will not able to solve the issues. I have already discussed the industry and economy related corruption and about the natural calamity. This mercury is not related with mars but this is badly afflicted with Saturn. Moon and mercury both planets are in the third house with Saturn and sun.

Again I will conclude on B.J.P.B.JP has entered in the transition phase old leaders are sidelined and new leadership has started taking important decisions. And astrologically too no one should think that Adwani will be commander again. And coincidently the antardasha is also in transition. Before 12th june 2013 B.J.P was in SUN – MARS antardasha and from 12TH june B.J.P is running in the Rahu antardasha .is party will be in aggressive mood. The party will not think about the other political parties or ideals. the good indication is the Aquarius jaimini dasha of B.J.P which will be running till 2017.whosover have worked on jaimini dasha can understand about this jaimini dasha of B.J.P I don’t have the horoscopes of dark horse like Shivraj Singh chauhan or many others but I can say the two horoscopes are too strong in the party (discussed in earlier predictions).Modi will enter in venus phase And Rajnath will enter in saturn mahadasha from October. The month October November 2013 is going to be very decisive for the nation.

Sushil Kumaar Singh

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