Saturday, August 31, 2013


Four days before i gave my detailed prediction about Indian economy. There was nothing good news. But contradictorily if i see chart of USA i find that there is good news as per Hindu astrology. Being a developing country, India is not as economically prosperous as the United States. Both the United States and India are projected to increase their purchasing power by 2020. Furthermore, India is shown to experience a relatively significant increase in purchasing power compared to the other countries; this is exemplified by the fact that even though India's purchasing power is less than that of Japan in 1995, India is expected to have equal purchasing power as Japan by 2020.but as of now Indian economy is in the worst state.
The US economy expanded at a stronger rate in the second quarter than previously estimated, according to figures released on Thursday.
After a boost to figures for exports and business investments, the Commerce Department revised its measure of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP), the broadest measure of goods and services produced in the economy, to an annual rate of 2.5% in the second quarter, up from an initial estimate of 1.7% reported last month.
The rate of growth was more than double the pace clocked in the prior three months and stronger than the 2.2% that economists polled by Reuters had forecast.
US stock markets reacted positively to the news, which was released as the Labour Department reported another slide in the number of people claiming unemployment benefits for the first time. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits slipped 6,000 to a seasonally adjusted 331,000 for the week ending 24 August.
When there is an open market then why Indian economic growth is falling time to time and US economy is improving.
I will not discuss here the economic reasons of fall of Indian economy because I have already discussed this in my previous post. I would like to discuss here about USA economy. From 14th october 2011 US is running in the vinshottary mahadasha of mars.mars is well placed in the house of gain being fourth and ninth lord. This mars is in eleventh house of gain with jupiter venus and sun.sun is lagna lord venus is the tenth lord and mars is ninth lord. What a great planetary combination one can see here in the horoscope of US. And one can judge why US is always no1.US is leading the world there should be no doubt to anyone. As an astrologer i can say that for many years US will be the leader.
So the dasha of mars will be very fruitful for U.S. please keep in the mind that mars signifies many things other than property. But i am concentrated here merely till state of economy.see mars is in shash mangal dhan yoga in navamsa and aspected by the jupiter.and in D10 Dashamsa D4 Chaturthams chart too mars is in a rajyoga.i don’t say that US economy will be on boom for all time but in general for few days condition will be good except few setbacks.
So the US economy is in good state at least for few days.mars vinshottary dasha will last till october 2018.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Indian economy seems in its worst phase now. The rupee slumped to a record low near 69 to the dollar on 28th of august 2013 on growing worries that foreign investors will continue to sell out of a country facing stiff economic challenges and volatile global market.
India is running in the mercury antardasha of sun vinshottary mahadasha.Both sun and mercury is placed in the third house. Since sun himself is placed in the third house. So from very beginning of sun mahadasha situation is not too good. From june last week India is running in the antardasha of mercury. See mercury is second lord second lord deals with all kind of financial activity in mundane astrology such as inflation,G.D.P ,interest rates ,financial condition of the nation and many more. This mercury is afflicted by saturn and sun and aspected by ketu the planet of suddenness and unexpectedness. Right now this mecury is aspected by saturn whic h is transiting in the sixth house with rahu.Transiting rahu also aspects second house.
In transit eigth and eleventh lord jupiter is transiting over second house and over mars placed in second house of the natal chart of Indian Independence day which is generally used to predict about India. Jupiter is the most important planet regarding wealth and finance. Jupiter represents banking, treasury, finance, revenue, and most importantly gold. See the transit of jupiter very carefully. Jupiter is transiting over second house. For understanding the transit one must view the ashtakvarg also.See the minimum 19 points in their second house where jupiter the planet of finance is transiting since few months. Second house is the house of the financial condition of the nation, revenues of the state, national exchequer, purchasing power and national wealth. Second house is related with all the “terms” of economy we hear daily as G.D.P, inflation, interest rates, inflation, banks, stock market, trade, export and import and investments and many more. So the jupiter related with all the “terms” of economy discussed for the second house is transiting over the same second house with minimum 19 points of ashtakvarg.
From 30th august there seems little improvement in economy but this will be very nominal and after few days once again the value of rupees may be vey low. This may be understood by viewing the ashtakvarg and samudayik ashtakvarg points easily through any good vedic astrology software.from 6th september 2013 till 25th september 2013 mercury the planet of trade and commerce will be in the fifth house of the country .this mercury is exalted and having thirty points in ashtakvarga shows a little improvement because merely transit cannot decide everything .the dasha and combination is more important. Whenever i predict on economy i certainly concentrate on transits and follow ashtakvarg principles. From 25th september again mercury will be in libra having 24 points in ashtakvarga.So there may be many problems in Indian economy for coming nine months. There will be chances of many losing their jobs also. There may be few weeks when this will seem that everything is in control but that will be merely a mirage.
From 19th june 2014 jupiter will be transiting over third house having 27 points far better than 19 points. Aspect of jupiter is always auspicious in any case. Here the jupiter will be in exalted rashi.but the dasha will be sun – ketu.the ketu antardasha is of merely four months means till september 2014.not much but there will be some better things in financial condition of the country. After this country will be running in the combust venus antardasha but this antardasha phase will be somewhat good. Next mahadasha will be of moon which will be good. But till next june India has to face greater inflation for at least nine months.

Thursday, August 15, 2013



In forth coming general elections two popular women politicians will play crucial role in forming the government. I would like to clarify here that she will not be Sonia Gandhi at all. The readers whosoever is following predictions in my recent post I have given indication regarding two fmale planets in the varsha kundali of independence horoscope of India.
I have been using 10:00 am as birth chart of Narendra Modi but someone gave me a changed birth time as this changed horoscope whatever was to happen from October will happen from 20th august now.Narendra Modi will be running in debilitated venus antardasha .time phase after 20th august will be important for Modi.This venus is seventh and twelfth lord placed in eleventh house of gain aspecting fifth house.debilitation of any planet is not good but this venus is placed in the eleventh house. Being seventh lord this is good but being twelfth lord this is bad situation. This venus is placed with three more planets as mercury Saturn and ketu.saturn is third and fourth lord. These three planets aspects the fifth house the most important house for achieving gains in politics. Venus is the seventh lord of Modi and being debilitated this Venus is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu Ketu axis.
In dashamsa chart and even in navamsha chart of Narendra Modi venus seems crucial. Returning back to varsha kundali of Indian Independence day i compare this horoscope with the horoscope of Narendra Modi and find a clue. There are two female debilitated planets in new year chart. Few especially any two women politicians will play major role in selecting who will be the prime minister. So the fate of Narendra Modi will be in hands of few woman politicians other than Sonia Gandhi.
Next part  of the predictions will be published soon.
Sushil Kumaar Singh

Friday, August 9, 2013


Mars is about to enter in the third house of the India. Right now this is on the natal mars. Mars will be aspecting the saturn and rahu transiting in the sixth house of India. In mundane astrology Rahu is very potent evil when it is conjuncts with saturn or mars. Its effects are especially bad in houses like sixth, twelfth and eighth. Combination and conjunction of rahu mars and rahu saturn causes wars and mass tragidies.Rahu spoils the planet conjucts.Even in case of jupiter Rahu and jupiter forms one of worst Rajyogas as Guru Chanda yoga.Rahu mercury disturbs mind and gives crooked and confused thinking.
I mentioned here about rahu and mercury conjunction also because India is running in the antardasha of mercury in sun vinshottary mahadasha.Though India has passed the very bad dasha phase of Sun-Saturn but now running in the dasha of Sun-Mercury which is badly afflicted and placed in the third house of the country with four other planets including Sun,Saturn,Venus and Moon.saturn spoils all the four planets including mercury. Transiting saturn is aspecting all five planets from the sixth house of the independence chart of the country.
RESULT – The combination of Rahu Saturn was already not good and debilitated mars will also be on the same axis from 19th august.rahu will be aspecting natal mars for many more months. So this mercury will disturb the mind of people including celebrities and top politicians. Some renowned politicians will do unexpected behaviour and some will be in great controversy for their acts and speeches. This mars will be in the neech debilitated sign till 5th october these one and half month will be very troublesome for those whose mecury is already afflicted. Not only for India but the persons who have afflicted mercury in the cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius will be facing humiliating situations. So those persons should be very cautious during writing and speeches and also for thinkers and columnists this planetary position seems not good. There are much more chances of militant attacks on important places. Right now there is already tension on the border that may increase up to some extent. There are chances of India taking some strong action after 14th august 20123.
In the chart of Indian Independence Day mars will be transiting in the third house of communication, press, news, media, advertising, traffic, railways, and border clashes. So there seems no good in these fields. And for sure something very bad incidents are going to happen. Third house also signifies the mental attitude of the people. As i have already told that there will be a restlessness and anarchy like situation.
This mars being aspected by the saturn may be disastrous for the country. And some scandals and cases of corruption will be exposed which will create problem for the politicians and there may be agitations. Politicians will behave in autocratic way and with much arrogance due to nature of retrograde mars.
BJP – This mars will be running in the second maraka house of the Bhartiya Janta Party. the party is running in the rahu antardasha which is situated in the third house of velour and courage and autocracy. So there will be some minor differences in the party leaders and the whole party seems in one hand. Party seems performing well in coming assembly elections because of the antardasha of Rahu.But the mars in the second house indicates some tragedy and some loss of any kind.
CONGRESS PARTY– Congress is running in the antardasha of saturn antardasha till november nothing good can be expected at least till 5th november. Debilitated mars will be transiting over the natal debilitate mars placed in the fifth house of the party. This mars is also second house marak lord. Some tragedy is seen here also. And something very bad is going to happen with the party till 5th november.
We will be celebrating our independence day on coming 15th august. So if we see the varsh kundali of coming year we find that jupiter and mars are in the fourth house aspecting tenth house. Jupiter is lagna lord while mars is ninth lord which indicate some good starting this year (this varsha kundali will be valid from 14th august 2013 till 15th august 2014.muntha will be in the ninth house this year.and muntha lord in the forth house with lagna anf seventh lord. So something very good but something bad will happen between the period 14th august 2013 till 15th august 2014.some thing very interesting in this varsha kundali is both female planets venus and moon are neech debilitated. The two female planets being debilitated indicate some thing interesting in the Indian political scene this year. Saturn rahu is in the eighth also very bad. But as i said this varsha kundali is too potent in many terms. 

Sushil Kumaar Singh

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