Friday, August 9, 2013


Mars is about to enter in the third house of the India. Right now this is on the natal mars. Mars will be aspecting the saturn and rahu transiting in the sixth house of India. In mundane astrology Rahu is very potent evil when it is conjuncts with saturn or mars. Its effects are especially bad in houses like sixth, twelfth and eighth. Combination and conjunction of rahu mars and rahu saturn causes wars and mass tragidies.Rahu spoils the planet conjucts.Even in case of jupiter Rahu and jupiter forms one of worst Rajyogas as Guru Chanda yoga.Rahu mercury disturbs mind and gives crooked and confused thinking.
I mentioned here about rahu and mercury conjunction also because India is running in the antardasha of mercury in sun vinshottary mahadasha.Though India has passed the very bad dasha phase of Sun-Saturn but now running in the dasha of Sun-Mercury which is badly afflicted and placed in the third house of the country with four other planets including Sun,Saturn,Venus and Moon.saturn spoils all the four planets including mercury. Transiting saturn is aspecting all five planets from the sixth house of the independence chart of the country.
RESULT – The combination of Rahu Saturn was already not good and debilitated mars will also be on the same axis from 19th august.rahu will be aspecting natal mars for many more months. So this mercury will disturb the mind of people including celebrities and top politicians. Some renowned politicians will do unexpected behaviour and some will be in great controversy for their acts and speeches. This mars will be in the neech debilitated sign till 5th october these one and half month will be very troublesome for those whose mecury is already afflicted. Not only for India but the persons who have afflicted mercury in the cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius will be facing humiliating situations. So those persons should be very cautious during writing and speeches and also for thinkers and columnists this planetary position seems not good. There are much more chances of militant attacks on important places. Right now there is already tension on the border that may increase up to some extent. There are chances of India taking some strong action after 14th august 20123.
In the chart of Indian Independence Day mars will be transiting in the third house of communication, press, news, media, advertising, traffic, railways, and border clashes. So there seems no good in these fields. And for sure something very bad incidents are going to happen. Third house also signifies the mental attitude of the people. As i have already told that there will be a restlessness and anarchy like situation.
This mars being aspected by the saturn may be disastrous for the country. And some scandals and cases of corruption will be exposed which will create problem for the politicians and there may be agitations. Politicians will behave in autocratic way and with much arrogance due to nature of retrograde mars.
BJP – This mars will be running in the second maraka house of the Bhartiya Janta Party. the party is running in the rahu antardasha which is situated in the third house of velour and courage and autocracy. So there will be some minor differences in the party leaders and the whole party seems in one hand. Party seems performing well in coming assembly elections because of the antardasha of Rahu.But the mars in the second house indicates some tragedy and some loss of any kind.
CONGRESS PARTY– Congress is running in the antardasha of saturn antardasha till november nothing good can be expected at least till 5th november. Debilitated mars will be transiting over the natal debilitate mars placed in the fifth house of the party. This mars is also second house marak lord. Some tragedy is seen here also. And something very bad is going to happen with the party till 5th november.
We will be celebrating our independence day on coming 15th august. So if we see the varsh kundali of coming year we find that jupiter and mars are in the fourth house aspecting tenth house. Jupiter is lagna lord while mars is ninth lord which indicate some good starting this year (this varsha kundali will be valid from 14th august 2013 till 15th august 2014.muntha will be in the ninth house this year.and muntha lord in the forth house with lagna anf seventh lord. So something very good but something bad will happen between the period 14th august 2013 till 15th august 2014.some thing very interesting in this varsha kundali is both female planets venus and moon are neech debilitated. The two female planets being debilitated indicate some thing interesting in the Indian political scene this year. Saturn rahu is in the eighth also very bad. But as i said this varsha kundali is too potent in many terms. 

Sushil Kumaar Singh

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