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In forth coming general elections two popular women politicians will play crucial role in forming the government. I would like to clarify here that she will not be Sonia Gandhi at all. The readers whosoever is following predictions in my recent post I have given indication regarding two fmale planets in the varsha kundali of independence horoscope of India.
I have been using 10:00 am as birth chart of Narendra Modi but someone gave me a changed birth time as this changed horoscope whatever was to happen from October will happen from 20th august now.Narendra Modi will be running in debilitated venus antardasha .time phase after 20th august will be important for Modi.This venus is seventh and twelfth lord placed in eleventh house of gain aspecting fifth house.debilitation of any planet is not good but this venus is placed in the eleventh house. Being seventh lord this is good but being twelfth lord this is bad situation. This venus is placed with three more planets as mercury Saturn and ketu.saturn is third and fourth lord. These three planets aspects the fifth house the most important house for achieving gains in politics. Venus is the seventh lord of Modi and being debilitated this Venus is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu Ketu axis.
In dashamsa chart and even in navamsha chart of Narendra Modi venus seems crucial. Returning back to varsha kundali of Indian Independence day i compare this horoscope with the horoscope of Narendra Modi and find a clue. There are two female debilitated planets in new year chart. Few especially any two women politicians will play major role in selecting who will be the prime minister. So the fate of Narendra Modi will be in hands of few woman politicians other than Sonia Gandhi.
Next part  of the predictions will be published soon.
Sushil Kumaar Singh


  1. Hello sir,

    I have been reading your post for quite sometime now. My humble request to you is to make prediction about Aam Aadmi party which will be contesting in the upcoming delhi election and also about Arvind kejriwal.

    They have been fighting against corruption and bad politics, which has damaged our country badly for quite sometime now.

    Eagerly looking forward to your post about that.


  2. Hi,

    I have been a regular reader of your articles. By which I understand that you are interested that BJP come to power probably Modi... But, If you could predict few things... like if BJP comes to power will that help the country with n prosperity. Will India be able defeat its enemies both internal (poverty, unemployment etc...) and external (terrorism, Paksitan, China ). Will any Indian leader will bring the black money which is stashed abroad. Will any indian will get nobel prize in science subjects ....IF Vedas will be practiced and we indians respect it?

    That would be great....

  3. Every body knows that Ms J Jayalalitha and Ms Mamta Banerjee will play a crucial role in next Govt. formation, their is also an outside chance that Ms Mayawati too get her hand in the pie.

    No body needs to be an astrologer to know all this. Please give clear insight as you have been doing in the past.

  4. Would it not be a good idea to make use of Prashna Astrology as birth times are mostly incorrect.

  5. Hi,

    I have been reading you astrological analysis on indian political situation since long. Since last parliamentary elections you have been consistently saying that manmohan singh will have to resign or the upa govt. won't be able to continue till 2014. but till now both of them were able to survive and were able to manage all the problems they were facing.

    It seems there is something you might be missing while predicting. you are 80% there but the remaining 20% is what making you predictions fail. Probably you might need to find out the other 20% before predicting anything.

  6. Why are your part 2 always missing. In past while doing India poised to grow you had stated part 2 will come. Now also but they do not come.

    Please conclude the topics prior to taking other.


  7. I think things will never change.I just hope that whoever become PM in coming days but he must pay attention towards our country.Corruption should be clean from here.There are many free astrology consultancy who consulting about this topic nowadays.
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  8. Who Will Wine General Election India- 2014 --Sri lanka Astrology News Mr. Narendra Modi Will Wine -- General Election India- 2014
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    Time of Birth: 11 AM
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    Longitude 72 E 28
    The system used is the Indian Vedic system.
    The lord of the tenth house brings power and status, in this horoscope, Moon, the lord of the tenth house forms Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga (a combination that confers good results). Narendra Modi comes under the influence of Chandra Mahadasha from 5th October 2012, which will be in force in 2014 too and beyond, the right time to get the Raj Yoga results. Narrowing down, he will be under the influence of Mangal (Mars) Antardasha in the first two months of 2014, Mars is the participant in forming this Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yoga, so Narendra Modi stands a very good chance.
    Another positive factor is that he will be under the positive influence of Shani Sade Saathi at that time. Shani/Sani/Saturn is a Yog Karak planet for Libra Ascendant, so its Saade Sathi/ Panoti will confer positive results for Narendra Modi. Shani will be exalted in 2014 in the ascendant itself, consider Shani as a Yog Karaka planet being strong here. Shani will aspect his tenth house of career, power, status, authority throughout 2014.
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