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An astrologer faces a great problem whenever one says that he does not have his birth details. Astrologers generally use prashna chart in such conditions. But the prashna chart can be used every time for different type of queries. If astrologer wants to provide the exact prediction for the person he collects the following information from the concerned person.
-          YEAR OF BIRTH – Astrologer tries to know the birth year of the person if he does not know the year of the birth. For this the “rashi name” is very good clue. The priests and pundits searched a very good theory in which the nakshatra charanas (nakshatra phases were symbolized by a letter of hindi. for example if someone was born in second phase of magha nakshatra he was named by letters “mi”. now pundits used letter “mi” to name the person and that name was a secret for few reasons but the parents used to remember that name. For example someone born in magha nakshatra second phase was symbolised by “mi” and later on this “mi” becomes mitrasen ,mitali,mihir or minakshi.so minakshi rashi name simply means simha rashi and second charan of magha nakshatra.
So if someone is confused about his year of birth the “rashi name” almost solves this problem. If the person does not know his rashi name then few important mundane incidents also gives indication of the exact year of the birth. The parents and the relatives and friends certainly remember few incidents of that year when the person was born. Another important clue to find the year of birth is the birth year of the persons of the near about same year or somewhat elder or younger relatives and neighbours.
We generally hear that he is one year younger than her etc.

 MONTH AND DATE OF THE BIRTH –Here also we can take advantage of the “rashi name” of the concerned person.


Rectification of time of birth is most difficult task. And astrologers generally avoid that. If astrologer has the data like date and year of birth then he first try to know the “rashi name”. But if the “rashi name” is not available then astrologers have to give many hours to get exact birth time. He should collect following data.
1. Time of education, when the person started his graduation and what were the subjects. Subjects are represented by various planets.
2. Career, type of career, when a person started his career is also an important clue.
3. Timing of marriage and date of birth of first child. These two are the most helpful clues because not only dashas but there few specific transits especially of Jupiter and Saturn which indicates the timing of marriage and birth of children.
4. Last and most important is the intuitive power and knowledge of astrologer.

So an astrologer can cast the horoscope of a person who has not his exact birth details.

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