Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Indian General Elections Part 8 - Predictions on BJP Part 1

Infighting in BJP from 20st march till 6th april
I have been predicting on BJP since many years without being biased. And i always foresaw the infighting in the party very before the things happened. From few days there are some opposition in the party for the tickets. That time i wanted to give a separate prediction on Dr Murli Manohar Joshi but i did not write due to some reasons. Only two days before i saw Bhartiya Janta Party is going to enter in the moon pratyantardasha phase.  I have noticed that generally moon is very bad for BJP. Moon being second lord is placed in the sixth house, house of fight, conflict. This moon is debilitated and aspected by retrograde mars from third house. I see a feud again in the party for almost 15 to 20 days from 20th march till 6th april 20104.I am giving this prediction after using more than two dasha phases, ashtakvargas, transits and few sensitive degrees i use for BJP. Women politicians may be again vocal against the party high command. Few BJP leaders will behave like kids. Remember! I have already cautioned that women will be ominous for Narendra Modi .till date i have not given my final predictions about the next prime minister.
I am not elaborating all the astrological reasons because few astrologers especially the “uncle” of Aaj tak fame use to copy paste my predictions. After 17th april situation in the party will be again normal but till 17th april there may be few loss due to the inner conflicts in the party. And the third part of this series will be very conclusive. I have yet to give two more predictions for BJP before the elections.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Indian General Elections part 7 – Predictions on Arvind Kejriwal came true

On 1st of march 2014 I had given predictions on Arvind Kejriwal – Indian General Elections Part -4 i had clearly said that from 4th march Arvind Kejriwal will be in a very bad phase. He will be running in the Rahu phase and the Rahu is placed in the eighth house which will create problems and hurdles for him.his decisions may be worst for his political future.
What exactly i predicted for him was “The timing from 4th march till 23rd march seems not good for him. He may take few unwise decisions which may harm him and his political future”.
After 1st march his image tarnished very much. In India Today programme he was humiliated and could not answer any question. He did not even an appointment to meet Gujrat chief minister Narendra Modi  high voltage dramas at his home for tickets, allegations of using chartered plane of India Today Group.
And yesterday an expose in which he and Punya Prasun Bajpayi seem making programmes for Aaj tak for him tarnished his image much.
I my previous predictions i also had predicted him getting expected seats. This “expected” was meant to the general perceptions of getting few seats which can be considered a bonus for a new comer like Arvind Kejriwal.
His Rahu pratyantar dasha will continue till july but the sookshma dasha of Rahu will last till 23rd till 23rd march Arvind Kejriwal will face hurdles and will do unwise acts wch will harm his political future.
In future i will give a comparative study of the horoscopes of Rahul Gandhi,Narendra Modi,Arvind Kejriwal,Jayalalithaa,Nitish Kumar.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Indian General Elections 2014 Part 6 – Jayalalithaa in a very stronger Rajyoga

Jayalalithaa was born on 24 February 1948, Mysore State Karnataka. Her grandfather was in the service of the then Mysore kingdom as a surgeon, and the prefix 'Jaya' ('the victorious') was added to the names of various family members to reflect their association with Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar of Mysore. Her mother called her Komalavalli.
Jayalalithaa's father died when she was two years old (see the ninth house of her birth horoscope). Her mother then moved to Bangalore.Where her parents lived, with Jayalalithaa. Her mother eventually began to work as an actress in Tamil cinema, based in Chennai, having taken the screen name of Sandhya. While in Bangalore; Jayalalithaa attended Bishop Cotton Girls' School. She completed her childhood education at Sacred Heart Matriculation School (popularly known as Church Park Presentation Convent or Presentation Church Park Convent) in Chennai. She excelled at school and was offered a government scholarship to pursue further education. She appears not to have accepted the admission offered to her at Stella Maris College, Chennai.
She is fluent in several languages, including English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. She served as chief minister from 1991 to 1996, briefly in 2001, and from 2002 to 2006. She was a popular film star in Indian cinema before her entry into politics, having appeared as the lead heroine in over 140 films.
Current astrological phase of Jayalalitha –
Jayalalitha is running in the Jupiter vinshottary dasha.The antardasha also is of Jupiter. There is a principle that a planet in their own antardasha does not give their full impact or gives bad impact is not correct. I have found many persons getting good results in the same antardasha. Her Jupiter is the seventh lord also placed in the seventh house. This Jupiter is the tenth lord also.
The date whenever the results of loksabha election will be declared jayalalitha will be running in the jup-jup-mars vinshottary dasha phase. her mars is in the third house with moon making a beautiful “shashimangal” the transit Saturn and rahu is transiting over the fifth house and fifth house is being aspected by the Jupiter.the ashtaka vargas for Saturn and Jupiter are too good.
This all indicates her importance and prominence in the next government at the centre. She is running in the best rajyoga of her life. She may be the very important person for the next government. India will be in the impact of ketu the time results will be declared and jayalalitha signifies ketu (few remaining predictions regarding Jayalalitha may be published in the coming parts of the series – Indian General Elections -2014)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Indian general elections 2014 Part 5- Lalu Prasad Yadav

 Right now in bad phase but not finished at all
Lalu Prasad has been facing his worst days in his political career. He is a leader who had emerged from a movement. If we see the politicians who emerged from JP movement contribution of Lalu Prasad will always be remembered. For the empowerment of backward classes he contributed much am not discussing here about his involvement in scams because very few politicians are clean.
In the vinshottary dasha of retrograde venus he was elected as a member of loksabha in 1977.he became chief minister in 1990 in the vinshottary dasha of venus – Saturn .see the venus is exalted in navamsa D9 chart.saturn is in lagna being the seventh lord.from jaimini aspect Saturn is amatyakaraka.this Saturn is placed in the lagna with the lagna lord moon.
From 2011 he has entered in the mars vinshottary dasha mars being the  lord of tenth and fifth is placed in the second maraka house aspected by the Rahu.Laloo Prasad was sentenced on 30th September 2013.the runnin vinshottary dasha was of Mars – Saturn. After reading the chart this can be said he has no stronger bandhan yoga combination. He was released after getting the bail.for bandhan yoga lanesh should be combust and sun should be debilitated. here lagna is weak .sixth lord Jupiter aspects the lagna and Saturn as well. Jupiter is retrograde planet here which aspects from the fifth house also as per parashara principles.
Right now Laloo Prasad is runnin in the mars – Saturn –moon period. From 6th march 2014 he will be in the mars-saturn-mars dasha phase. This will not be good for him. During the general elections Laloo Prasad will be in the mars – Saturn – Rahu phase. This will give mixed results for him. For few years he will face bad days in politics. But once he enters in the Rahu phase he will emerge again.
At last this can be considered that Lalu Prasad Yadav is not finished at lease after few years he will again emerge.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Indian General Elections 2014 part 4 –Arvind Kejriwal will achieve expected success with some hurdles.

 Arvind Kejriwal will achieve expected success with some hurdles.
Arvind Kejriwal was born on the auspicious Krishna janmashtami of 1968.Most of the astrologers including me used the different birth timings for Aam Admi party leader Arvind Kejriwal but now there seems a consensus on the birth timing of kejriwal as 07:30.after verifying various details the horoscope seems correct.
General Elections 2014 and Kejriwal –
Arvind Kejriwal is running in the Jupiter – Mercury vinshottary dasha since 27th November 2012.this vinshottary dasha will last till 5th march this dasha he became chief minister of Delhi.he had to resign also in this phase. Jupiter is the lord of the fifth house and eighth house. Mercury is the lord of the eleventh lord and second lord. Mercury, Jupiter and venus all the three planets are placed in the lagna. So he is running in the dasha and antardasha totally related to lagna. The dashas of the planets related to the lagna is generally considered good .All the three planets placed in the lagna aspects the seventh house, the house of the public, public support. Due to Jupiter and mercury he is getting wide support of intellectuals, ideal persons, students and teachers as well.He became chief minister in the pratyantardasha of moon and resigned in the pratyantardasha of mars. Being ninth the bhagya house lord mars is debilitated and placed in the twelfth house. This mars is combust.
Now let me discuss his mercury the antardasha lord which will last till 5th march 2015 and will decide much for the Loksabha polls 2014.his mercury is eleventh and second lord. Being lord of eleventh house, the house of gain mercury is placed in the lagna with the venus the third and tenth lord and Jupiter. These are the combinations which gave him many achievements in the life as an engineer, civil servant and now a politician can say this is the rarest and best Rajyoga one can wish for.
But let me discuss the negative aspects of the horoscope also. I shall be confined to mercury here because he is running in the antardasha of mercury. Mercury is in the papkartari. Even Jupiter and venus are also in papkartari .this is a biggest reason of his quitting the posts and the offices he achieves. His mercury and mars are combust. Mercury is in the “mrityubhag” also. in the navamsa D9 chart mercury is in Rahu Ketu the dashamsa D9 chart this mercury is again the axis of Rahu,Saturn and Ketu. Only in trishamsa this is good. This afflicted mercury is making him stubborn and a man who changes his decisions rapidly. Even his moon which is afflicted with Saturn also makes him stubborn.
Kejriwal in Rahu effect from 4th march till 7th july
So in the mercury dasha he seems getting success but this success seems not working much because of weak mercury. From 4th march 2014 Kejriwal till 7th july 2014.this Rahu is placed in the eighth house of the lagna. Eighth house is not considered good for success. But this house is also considered for unexpected sudden gains. The dispositor of Rahu is Jupiter which is placed in the lagna with mercury and venus.The mahadasha lord Jupiter is in best 40 ashtakvarga points. When the results of the loksabha polls will be declared mercury the antardasha lord will be transiting in 37 best ashtakvarga points. So he will get expected success in the loksabha polls 2014.But Rahu will give some negative results for sure.
The timing from 4th march till 23rd march seems not good for him. He may take few unwise decisions which may harm him and his political future. I can say Arvind Kejriwal will get an expected success in loksabha polls but he will face some problems also. He will be aggrieved also. Some unexpected sudden happenings will create issues for him and his party. So in this loksabha elections Kejriwal will do a good debut but with some obstacles and losses for him and his party.

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