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Indian General Elections 2014 part 4 –Arvind Kejriwal will achieve expected success with some hurdles.

 Arvind Kejriwal will achieve expected success with some hurdles.
Arvind Kejriwal was born on the auspicious Krishna janmashtami of 1968.Most of the astrologers including me used the different birth timings for Aam Admi party leader Arvind Kejriwal but now there seems a consensus on the birth timing of kejriwal as 07:30.after verifying various details the horoscope seems correct.
General Elections 2014 and Kejriwal –
Arvind Kejriwal is running in the Jupiter – Mercury vinshottary dasha since 27th November 2012.this vinshottary dasha will last till 5th march this dasha he became chief minister of Delhi.he had to resign also in this phase. Jupiter is the lord of the fifth house and eighth house. Mercury is the lord of the eleventh lord and second lord. Mercury, Jupiter and venus all the three planets are placed in the lagna. So he is running in the dasha and antardasha totally related to lagna. The dashas of the planets related to the lagna is generally considered good .All the three planets placed in the lagna aspects the seventh house, the house of the public, public support. Due to Jupiter and mercury he is getting wide support of intellectuals, ideal persons, students and teachers as well.He became chief minister in the pratyantardasha of moon and resigned in the pratyantardasha of mars. Being ninth the bhagya house lord mars is debilitated and placed in the twelfth house. This mars is combust.
Now let me discuss his mercury the antardasha lord which will last till 5th march 2015 and will decide much for the Loksabha polls 2014.his mercury is eleventh and second lord. Being lord of eleventh house, the house of gain mercury is placed in the lagna with the venus the third and tenth lord and Jupiter. These are the combinations which gave him many achievements in the life as an engineer, civil servant and now a politician can say this is the rarest and best Rajyoga one can wish for.
But let me discuss the negative aspects of the horoscope also. I shall be confined to mercury here because he is running in the antardasha of mercury. Mercury is in the papkartari. Even Jupiter and venus are also in papkartari .this is a biggest reason of his quitting the posts and the offices he achieves. His mercury and mars are combust. Mercury is in the “mrityubhag” also. in the navamsa D9 chart mercury is in Rahu Ketu the dashamsa D9 chart this mercury is again the axis of Rahu,Saturn and Ketu. Only in trishamsa this is good. This afflicted mercury is making him stubborn and a man who changes his decisions rapidly. Even his moon which is afflicted with Saturn also makes him stubborn.
Kejriwal in Rahu effect from 4th march till 7th july
So in the mercury dasha he seems getting success but this success seems not working much because of weak mercury. From 4th march 2014 Kejriwal till 7th july 2014.this Rahu is placed in the eighth house of the lagna. Eighth house is not considered good for success. But this house is also considered for unexpected sudden gains. The dispositor of Rahu is Jupiter which is placed in the lagna with mercury and venus.The mahadasha lord Jupiter is in best 40 ashtakvarga points. When the results of the loksabha polls will be declared mercury the antardasha lord will be transiting in 37 best ashtakvarga points. So he will get expected success in the loksabha polls 2014.But Rahu will give some negative results for sure.
The timing from 4th march till 23rd march seems not good for him. He may take few unwise decisions which may harm him and his political future. I can say Arvind Kejriwal will get an expected success in loksabha polls but he will face some problems also. He will be aggrieved also. Some unexpected sudden happenings will create issues for him and his party. So in this loksabha elections Kejriwal will do a good debut but with some obstacles and losses for him and his party.

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