Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Indian general elections 2014 Part 5- Lalu Prasad Yadav

 Right now in bad phase but not finished at all
Lalu Prasad has been facing his worst days in his political career. He is a leader who had emerged from a movement. If we see the politicians who emerged from JP movement contribution of Lalu Prasad will always be remembered. For the empowerment of backward classes he contributed much am not discussing here about his involvement in scams because very few politicians are clean.
In the vinshottary dasha of retrograde venus he was elected as a member of loksabha in 1977.he became chief minister in 1990 in the vinshottary dasha of venus – Saturn .see the venus is exalted in navamsa D9 chart.saturn is in lagna being the seventh lord.from jaimini aspect Saturn is amatyakaraka.this Saturn is placed in the lagna with the lagna lord moon.
From 2011 he has entered in the mars vinshottary dasha mars being the  lord of tenth and fifth is placed in the second maraka house aspected by the Rahu.Laloo Prasad was sentenced on 30th September 2013.the runnin vinshottary dasha was of Mars – Saturn. After reading the chart this can be said he has no stronger bandhan yoga combination. He was released after getting the bail.for bandhan yoga lanesh should be combust and sun should be debilitated. here lagna is weak .sixth lord Jupiter aspects the lagna and Saturn as well. Jupiter is retrograde planet here which aspects from the fifth house also as per parashara principles.
Right now Laloo Prasad is runnin in the mars – Saturn –moon period. From 6th march 2014 he will be in the mars-saturn-mars dasha phase. This will not be good for him. During the general elections Laloo Prasad will be in the mars – Saturn – Rahu phase. This will give mixed results for him. For few years he will face bad days in politics. But once he enters in the Rahu phase he will emerge again.
At last this can be considered that Lalu Prasad Yadav is not finished at lease after few years he will again emerge.

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