Sunday, May 25, 2014

India Shining from mid 2015 – “Achche Din Aane Wale hain”

Narendra Modi is going to sworn in as Prime minister of India on 26th may. There are too many expectations from the new government. We Indians want the instant result. And most of my readers are frequently asking about the performance of the government which has still not taken charge from the previous one. In my previous blog post i wrote that coming four moths may be challenging and many one got disappointed. And they started asking me why i am disappointing them told them that i shall write what i analyse from the chart of the country  am providing my analysis about the country now. And here i am discussing only about “achche din”.
India till September 2014
By Indian independence chart India this is seen that till September there are few troublesome periods and little good news for country as about the steps will be taken regarding the black money. The details can be viewed in my previous post.
India from September 2014 till September 2015
From 9th September 2014 till 10th September 2015 nation will be running in there Sun – Venus vinshottary dasha phase. Though Venus is combust bit this is placed in the third house with four more planets forming many rajyogas. From june 2014 exalted Jupiter will be transiting over these five planets. This will be auspicious and the nation will progress. But some bad effects are also seen because of bad afflictions of ketu and Saturn. This will be good time for the economy and development of the country.
India Shining from 2015
India will be running in the vinshottary dasha of third lord moon since September jaimini from august 2015 the country will be running in the meena rashi mahadasha .this will be a time of rise for the country. Till then all the planets will be in favourable transits which are very adverse now.
From republic day horoscope from January 2015 India will be running in the meena rashi jaimini dasha phase. And from February 2016 country will be running in the Jupiter – mercury vinshottary dasha. Her Jupiter being lagna lord is placed in the eleventh house with venus and sun which shows a new kind of governance. Many research and developments are seen after 2016.mercury being fourth and seventh lord is well placed in the tenth house.
Good years for economy
See the lagna lord of republic day horoscope, the constellation of Jupiter is of moon and sub constellation is mercury the fourth and seventh lord. Jupiter dasha is running since 2011.moon being fifth lord is placed in the second house of investments, gross national product and gross national product, financial health of the country. This also signifies the financial transactions, stock market banks; capacity of nation to raise funds export and imports. So Indian economy will be on boom after February 2016.and the manufacturing sector will be on priority. There seems much focus on investments since 2016.i am going to write a detailed prediction on health of economy keeping the current situation in mind. So from year 2015 and 2016 the nation will start rising. “achche din aane hi wale hain”.
After four years gap i am once again going to start the series – Man Woman Relationship.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

India in Ketu Phase – Abnormal unexpected and sensitive phase till mid September

Ketu is most tough planet for astrologer community to predict because Ketu is mysterious planet and it does not let what exactly is going happen.i have worked on the planet Ketu much. This is called kunjwat means like mars. Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like mars.Ketu is karaka of “secret plots” so many things happen which was never expected. Many incidents take place which were never expected in Ketu phases.
India till mid September –
In Indian independence chart India is running in the Sun – Ketu dasha phase since 5th may 2014 and this shall continue till 9th September Indian horoscope the lord of the rashi where ketu is place is mars. This mars is placed in the second house and gulika is there. Second house is related to the financial health of the country. This also signifies the financial transactions, stock market banks, capacity of nation to raise funds export and imports. This mars is seventh and twelfth lord. Twelfth house means losses, war, espionages by enemy scandals, epidemics, foreign investments .Seventh house signifies battle, international affairs, international disputes, relation with other countries.
A planet gives all his impact well and bad. This ketu will also do the same. ketu gives sudden success and failures. But this also signifies destructions and wars and epidemics and most importantly espionages. So incidents related to finance, foreign and security will be in headlines. Transit of Rahu and mars in july and august will give adverse effect. Even in the divisional charts there is not so improvement.
So some good and bad things are going to happen till 9th September related to
1.       Some sensational expose regarding black money is expected. There will happen something important to black money. This issues and the money in Swiss and other foreign bank will be in news. Politicians of various political parties seem trapped in this issue. See the connection of ketu and his dispositor mars with lagna, seventh, eleventh, second, eighth.
2.       Some issues related to international borders, border dispute, spying or espionages will be in headlines.
3.       Anything inauspicious may happen so security of important politicians must be on priority, I can not elaborate this.
4.       From june 2014 financial condition of the nation will improve but some steps taken by the next government will be criticised. Something very good will be experienced in the digital world.
5.       Any kind of epidemic may create problems and a natural disaster is also seen if we consider the recent eclipses.
6.       Any international dispute should be avoided because ketu and mars both will provoke.
7.       In the four months for few days stock market will fluctuate badly.
8.       Some issues with alliances of BJP will be in news.
9.       The security of places of worships must be on high alerts because ketu signifies the places of worships.
Some more unexpected and

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mysterious Planet Ketu gave unexpected results in Loksabha 2014

Almost my every prediction on politics came exactly true since 2008.for general elections 2009 i had predicted in Daink Jagran that L.K.Adwani will not be the Prime Minister in any case and NDA would not come to power. This prediction was done in 2008 and many media persons asked me to reconsider my prediction. The reason was very simple i had the actual birth details of Adwani. Adwani is the only politician whose correct birth details are available to every astrologer. But i saw this and informed Mr Jaswant Singh that Adwani is not going to be the next P.M. He initially did not believe but when results came he acknowledged.
After that there are series of predictions which came true. Regarding BJP I never went wrong.
Prediction for 2014 General Elections-
I had seen the potential in the chart of Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh in 2011 and had given predictions that i saw these two politicians will be leading the BJP in near future. That time Adwani Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitly were too stronger.
After that in a seperat post “the new leadership of BJP” I had predicted that BJP will be in hands of Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh.
Perhaps in December 2012 i said that Narendra Modi has entered in a very good phase. Later on I clearly predicted that Adwani should not confront with Modi and Rajnath duo. Because in 2008 I had clearly predicted that Adwani had lost his Rajyogas.In 2009 i had clearly predicted for Dainik Jagran hindi daily that BJP will regain its lost glory after 2012.i had predicted rise of Jaylalitha and Naveen Ptnaik and fall of Mayawati in the series i started for Loksabha elections 2014.
Regarding stability of government
For 2014 General el  I said that the horoscope of BJP was stronger enough to come power.but i clearly did not said that this was Narendra Modi who is going to be prime minister.i never denied that he will not be prime minister but i admit that i kept mum and predicted the BJP will form the government with some hurdles and government may be one can think that if i could predict well in 2009 that congress will be in bad phase since 2010 and next government is of BJP then why i could not admit this in 2014.there are two reasons one reason is few very prominent Indian astrologers in which one residing in US confused me regarding birth details of Narendra i kept mum regarding his elevation. But i did not consider their arguments that BJP will  not form government.
Second thing was the antardasha of ketu in the horoscope of India. Ketu is perhaps most unpredictable planet and always gives sudden and unexpected results. These results may be positive or negative. i considered this for an instable government.
Impact of Ketu dasha
Because of Ketu planet BJP gained majority and maximum seats in parliament. In Uttar Pradesh party got unexpectedly 73 seats and made a clean sweep. What more be unexpected than this.ketu dasha is of four months and this will be giving unexpected results for four months. Only yesterday Nitish Kumar resigned unexpectedly and suddenly.
i had said that “Ketu does not let know what is going to happen”.
India is running in Ketu antardasha for four more months but BJP is running in Sun – Jupiter dasha right now.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Prediction done in 2009 about BJP came exactly true today – BJP in full majority

I had made a prediction in November 2009 about Bhartiya Janta Party in hindi daily Dainik Jagran which came true today on the historical day 16th may 2014 when BJP came to power with huge majority. This prediction is still available in my blog and website.
I am providing the whole prediction again in which i had predicted that Congress will be finished and fade after 2010 due to corruption and BJP will again emerge after 2012.
BJP will regain its lost glory after april 2012:as planet indicates
Although I have predicted the same thing about BJP in my two earlier posts of the blog. But this time it was imminent to publish this because even BJP leaders are not sure about their future. They are getting defeats in every election. Daily a new dispute comes to surface. And even the public also thinks so the party workers are desperate. The media is not taking the party seriously. Party and RSS are too disturbed. Even the relations between BJP and RSS are not too good.

I had predicted that L.K Adwani will not be the next PM very before on 16th June 2008 when the mandate was in the favor of the party. In December 2008 I predicted about the feud when the dispute with in the party had not come on surface.about the infightings with in the party I had predicted even the short periods also. Such as when jaswant singh was expelled I had predicted about this .i had indicated that BJP leadership is going to take some risky decisions.
About Varun Gandhi I had predicted 3 months before that he is going to get political mileage and he will be in news and at that time Varun was not an important figure.
After that BJP lost elections.the feud with in the part had began before the elections and ultimately the party became defeated in the LS elections.


Why BJP reached to such a worst condition. The Vedic astrology has its answer. Since 6 April 2004 till 6 April 2011 BJP is running under the Pisces jaimini chara dasha.the problems for the party began in this period. it lost the elections of the 2004 LS polls. And the saffron party came under trouble from all means. See the chart of Pisces lagna.lagna lord Jupiter is in the sixth house and is the root cause of all the disease or illness of the party showing that till April 2011 the illness of the party is not going to improve. The Jupiter is with mars and Rahu forming guruchandal yoga and angaraka yoga.
“After 6 April 2011 BJP will start to improve it self.since then BJP will be running under Aquarius jaimini chara dasha.aquarius is “uppada it self. putrakaraka Venus is in the fourth house, house of the throne {simhasana}.and this aspects the house of luck. And the most important thing is “amatyakaraka” moon is situated in the tenth house of position, post, between the six year vinshottary dasha of sun will be started since
6 April 2012.

“BJP” will improve itself after 6th April will begin to win the elections. The public will once again trust the party. And after 6th April 2012 BJP will be stronger and stronger. No one can stop the party to come in power once again. It will regain its lost glory.

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