Saturday, May 24, 2014

India in Ketu Phase – Abnormal unexpected and sensitive phase till mid September

Ketu is most tough planet for astrologer community to predict because Ketu is mysterious planet and it does not let what exactly is going happen.i have worked on the planet Ketu much. This is called kunjwat means like mars. Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like mars.Ketu is karaka of “secret plots” so many things happen which was never expected. Many incidents take place which were never expected in Ketu phases.
India till mid September –
In Indian independence chart India is running in the Sun – Ketu dasha phase since 5th may 2014 and this shall continue till 9th September Indian horoscope the lord of the rashi where ketu is place is mars. This mars is placed in the second house and gulika is there. Second house is related to the financial health of the country. This also signifies the financial transactions, stock market banks, capacity of nation to raise funds export and imports. This mars is seventh and twelfth lord. Twelfth house means losses, war, espionages by enemy scandals, epidemics, foreign investments .Seventh house signifies battle, international affairs, international disputes, relation with other countries.
A planet gives all his impact well and bad. This ketu will also do the same. ketu gives sudden success and failures. But this also signifies destructions and wars and epidemics and most importantly espionages. So incidents related to finance, foreign and security will be in headlines. Transit of Rahu and mars in july and august will give adverse effect. Even in the divisional charts there is not so improvement.
So some good and bad things are going to happen till 9th September related to
1.       Some sensational expose regarding black money is expected. There will happen something important to black money. This issues and the money in Swiss and other foreign bank will be in news. Politicians of various political parties seem trapped in this issue. See the connection of ketu and his dispositor mars with lagna, seventh, eleventh, second, eighth.
2.       Some issues related to international borders, border dispute, spying or espionages will be in headlines.
3.       Anything inauspicious may happen so security of important politicians must be on priority, I can not elaborate this.
4.       From june 2014 financial condition of the nation will improve but some steps taken by the next government will be criticised. Something very good will be experienced in the digital world.
5.       Any kind of epidemic may create problems and a natural disaster is also seen if we consider the recent eclipses.
6.       Any international dispute should be avoided because ketu and mars both will provoke.
7.       In the four months for few days stock market will fluctuate badly.
8.       Some issues with alliances of BJP will be in news.
9.       The security of places of worships must be on high alerts because ketu signifies the places of worships.
Some more unexpected and

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