Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mysterious Planet Ketu gave unexpected results in Loksabha 2014

Almost my every prediction on politics came exactly true since 2008.for general elections 2009 i had predicted in Daink Jagran that L.K.Adwani will not be the Prime Minister in any case and NDA would not come to power. This prediction was done in 2008 and many media persons asked me to reconsider my prediction. The reason was very simple i had the actual birth details of Adwani. Adwani is the only politician whose correct birth details are available to every astrologer. But i saw this and informed Mr Jaswant Singh that Adwani is not going to be the next P.M. He initially did not believe but when results came he acknowledged.
After that there are series of predictions which came true. Regarding BJP I never went wrong.
Prediction for 2014 General Elections-
I had seen the potential in the chart of Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh in 2011 and had given predictions that i saw these two politicians will be leading the BJP in near future. That time Adwani Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitly were too stronger.
After that in a seperat post “the new leadership of BJP” I had predicted that BJP will be in hands of Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh.
Perhaps in December 2012 i said that Narendra Modi has entered in a very good phase. Later on I clearly predicted that Adwani should not confront with Modi and Rajnath duo. Because in 2008 I had clearly predicted that Adwani had lost his Rajyogas.In 2009 i had clearly predicted for Dainik Jagran hindi daily that BJP will regain its lost glory after 2012.i had predicted rise of Jaylalitha and Naveen Ptnaik and fall of Mayawati in the series i started for Loksabha elections 2014.
Regarding stability of government
For 2014 General el  I said that the horoscope of BJP was stronger enough to come power.but i clearly did not said that this was Narendra Modi who is going to be prime minister.i never denied that he will not be prime minister but i admit that i kept mum and predicted the BJP will form the government with some hurdles and government may be one can think that if i could predict well in 2009 that congress will be in bad phase since 2010 and next government is of BJP then why i could not admit this in 2014.there are two reasons one reason is few very prominent Indian astrologers in which one residing in US confused me regarding birth details of Narendra i kept mum regarding his elevation. But i did not consider their arguments that BJP will  not form government.
Second thing was the antardasha of ketu in the horoscope of India. Ketu is perhaps most unpredictable planet and always gives sudden and unexpected results. These results may be positive or negative. i considered this for an instable government.
Impact of Ketu dasha
Because of Ketu planet BJP gained majority and maximum seats in parliament. In Uttar Pradesh party got unexpectedly 73 seats and made a clean sweep. What more be unexpected than this.ketu dasha is of four months and this will be giving unexpected results for four months. Only yesterday Nitish Kumar resigned unexpectedly and suddenly.
i had said that “Ketu does not let know what is going to happen”.
India is running in Ketu antardasha for four more months but BJP is running in Sun – Jupiter dasha right now.

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