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Man Woman relations new series part 2 – Divorce of a lady Lecturer

She is a well educated woman currently working as a lecturer. She got married on October 2002.the vinshottary dasha was mercury – Venus. Here both the planets have no relation with the lagna and seventh house. Many astrologers analyze merely lagna and the seventh house to predict the marriage. They must consider the fifth and eleventh houses also while using vinshottary dasha. She was in the mahadasha of mercury placed in the eleventh house and the antardasha was of venus the eleventh lord. Remember the eleventh house indicates separation of spouse also.
Since her tenth house lord is placed in the tenth house chatursheeti sama dasha is applicable to her horoscope. This is seen that in chatursheeti sama dasha fourth house and seventh house of the lagna and fifth/eleventh and seventh house of navamsa is important for the solemnization of the marriage. She was in the CSD of Sun –Saturn.Sun is in the eleventh house aspecting the fifth house and Saturn is the seventh lord. Fourth lord venus is in the tenth house with the fifth lord indicating a love marriage. Fourth house must be considered for marriages in the case of women. dasha of second house must be considered once another conditional dasha Dwisaptapti sama dasha is applied.
Birth of a child
She gave birth to a child in july 2005.the vinshottary dasha was of mercury - sun. And CSD was moon – mars both in the first seventh axis of D7 saptamsa chart. The transits were also favourable.
Separation and divorce
She was separated from her husband just after the birth of her child in the august month. Again the vinshottary  dasha was Mercury –Sun. Now this is the important part of our discussion. In my view fifth eleventh house is most sensitive axis. Ironically fifth house is the house of emotions and eleventh house is the house of separation. See how she had her marital life. Her seventh lord Saturn is in second house in Rahu Ketu axis. venus is badly afflicted by Rahu placed the tenth house with mars. Finally in the Jupiter antardasha of the sixth lord Jupiter in 2011 the couple got divorced. Sixth lord aspecting the seventh house simply means divorce because seventh and eleventh lords are in the navamsa seventh lord moon is aspected by eleventh lord mars which is debilitated and placed in the seventh house. Saturn in the navamsa also aspects the lagna and the seventh lord.
Chances of second marriage –
Seventh lord in the second house with rahu and eleventh lord with mars indicate her second marriage .she will get married after September 2017.

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