Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bad planetary transits from 13th july 14 will give worse results

Saturn and Rahu are transiting over thula rashi from many months. Today on 21:07 Rahu will move to kanya and pin with mars for merely 12 hours. So there will be a combination of rahu and mars in kanya for few hours. Tomorrow at 09:00 am mars will leave kanya and join Saturn. Mars, Rahu and retrograde Saturn during transits give there impacts just after entering the rashis means from zero degree. Saturn is retrograde now and now we’ll be in impacts of mars and retrograde Saturn combination from tomorrow 09:00.even from today 21:07 time is too adverse. India is running in Sun –Ketu –Rahu –moon. Time is not good for the country and few individuals. The individuals should apply these transits according to their lagna. For India there will be many problems from foreign and neighbouring countries. Mars and Saturn are considered very bad planetary combination because mars signify blood, soldier, terrorist acts, agitation police, war and volatile religious acts. From today 21:00 time is not good at all.
For detailed analysis one should read my predictions of 25th may in which i have described in detail and many incidents came true.
Sat +Rahu combination till 21:07 – 13th July 2014
Rahu +mars - from 21:07 – 13rth july 2014 (this combination merely for twelve hours)
From 09:00 of 14th mars +Saturn (R) – this combination will continue for few weeks and will give worst impacts.

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