Sunday, August 31, 2014

Passion of Love flowed to disaster - For the Parents of Young and Adolescents Children

Attraction and lust is like a drug. It leaves you just wanting more”.

This article is for those parents who are bothered for their children who are spoiling their education and career in love affairs and may commit crime, suicides and finally trapped in the scandals.
-Be careful whenever they are in the dashas of Mercury –Moon OR Moon-Mercury
- Planets responsible for love and passion are Mercury, Moon, Venus and Mars and houses are 5th and 7th.for infatuation, scandals, suicides 8the house and for loss of balance of mind 12th house and mercury should be seen.
-Combinations like Venus-mars conjunction, Venus in the seventh house or a debilitated Venus may give extraordinary sex drive. Here mars are the provoker (Ask your child to chant Hanuman Chalisa in the morning which will make him/her disciplined also).
-To predict the periods of infatuation and its intensity dasha of mars, rahu, mercury, Venus and moon when related with 5th 7th 8th and 12th can give an infatuation that leads to disaster. Mars is the fire and Rahu is the force which while driving one to worldly pleasures gives unorthodoxy.
 - Most important among the four planets is the eighth one which is observed for the marital life, widowhood, sins scandals, sexual organ, secret affairs, porn. Venus combined with 7th or 8th house or with mars or Rahu will intensify sexual desire and attraction towards the opposite sex. Venus is found giving strong attraction towards the opposite sex when it is in the signs of mars or id debilitated.
See the horoscopes and be careful if horoscope of your child comes in the above parameters .visit an astrologer for his counselling. Ask him for worshiping Lord Hanuman and Ganesha. If possible ask him to chant special mantra of Lord Hanuman.
Next post will be regarding the same issues with example and case studies.

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