Saturday, February 28, 2015

Impact of Saturn Sadhesati for Narender Modi & Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

After Delhi Assembly Election results Bhartiya Janta Party has entered in a tougher Vimshottary Antardasha of Saturn under the Sun. I have already written about the sadhesati and Saturn Dasha of Narendra Modi. See the coincidence, both the BJP and Narendra modi are natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign or Rashi. So both have debilitated Moon (of neech rashi candrama). I have discussed that sadhesati gives a worst experience to the natives once the Saturn or Moon Dasha Antardasha is in operation. I have already predicted about Narendra Miodi in the blog post of 19th November 2014 and the same is being written below.
“From March 2015 Shri Modi will be in Moon–Moon is associated with Lagna and Sixth lord Mars which is not good at all. Saturn Dasha phase. Saturn is placed with Venus and aspected by Jupiter. These three planets are lords of second third, fourth and fifth. Here seems some kind of injury to body or some kind of physical harm to him and sadhesati will boost this because as per principles third Sadhesati gives injury, ill health or any other kind of loss to body. Now we should also analyze the good results also. The Moon is the Bhagya Ninth Lord, placed in Lagan with Lagna lord Mars, which indicates he will rise and will be recognized. Saturn is in the tenth house with Venus and both are atmakaraka and amatyakaraka. So, individually certainly he will not be in a good phase from 5th march to April 2016 whereas in the same period he will prove himself and as I predicted in my earlier blog post because of him good days are about to come in the same time phase- –achche din aane wale hain.”
And something same has been given in the New Year prediction for and in a Hindi daily. But this year I avoided to write about both the National Political Parties (Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party). But I had to write about the sadhesati and Saturn antardasha.
One thing more is that the Moon of BJP is in the Sixth House of feud and fights and is debilitate as well. So in the upcoming days of year 2015 the inner fighting in the party will come to surface.

At last Shri Narendra Modi will not be in a good phase from March 2015 and BJP has already entered in the bad Saturn antardasha phase from earlier hours of 23rd February 2015. This Saturn will give bad results for BJP especially from May 2015 when Amit Shah will also enter in a bad phase. Concluding this I can say that year 2015 will not be smoother for Narender Modi and Bhartiya Janta Party as many hurdles are seen in the way.

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