Thursday, March 26, 2015

The line of marriage may be line of divorce – Astro Palmistry (लेख हिन्दी मे भी है ) !

There are four types of lines of marriage!
Generally we see people reading the lines on the mount of mercury. Generally there may be more than one line. But here we commit mistake because the line we consider line of marriage may be line of separation or divorce. Line of marriage is found not only on the mount of mercury but also on other three parts of the palm of the native.
-the first type of line of marriage is found on the mount of mercury which generally most of persons know.
-Second one emerges from line of luck and lines found on the venus (in figure).
-Third type of the line of marriage is found in the form of a cross on mount of Jupiter.
-when any line moves from mount of venus and reaches to mount of mercury.
Astro Palmistry is not new for India but this is the science which completely developed in India. One competent astrologer can make the horoscope by reading the lines and mount of the palm.i worked on Astro Palmistry for more than two years and now I’ll be writing on this subject on daily basis. The palm reveals not only marriage but also divorce and even type and attributes of spouses.
As i discussed in my earlier blogs of Astro Palmistry by reading the lines and mounts of the palm the planetary position of the native can be known and there are more chances of getting the correct horoscope of the native.

-विवाह रेखा के पास ही होती है तलाक़ रेखा - Astro Palmistry
-हथेली में 4 जगह होती हैं विवाह रेखायें ! – Astro Palmistry
आमतौर पर हमने देखा है कि सबसे छोटी उंगली के नीचे बुध पर्वत पर लोग देखते हैं और कहते हैं कि "अरे आप की तो शादी हो सकती है ! यहीं हम ग़लती कर जाते हैं ! दरअसल जिसे हम दो विवाह समझते हैं वह पति पत्नी के अलगाव या तलाक़ की भी रेखा हो सकती है !
-पहले प्रकार की वीववाह रेखा छोटी उंगली के नीचे होती है !
-दूसरे प्रकार की विवाह रेखा जो जीवन रेखा से निकलती है तथा शुक्र पर्वत पर भी पाई जाती है !
-बृहस्पति पर एक क्रॉस भी विवाह का संकेत दे रहा होता है !
-चौथे प्रकार की विवाह रेखा वह होती है जो चंद्र पर्वत से जाते हुए भाग्य रेखा को छूटी है पर काटती नही है !
शुक्र पर्वत से एक रेखा यदि बुध पर्वत तक जाती है मतलब जब स्वास्थ्य रेखा जब मिथुन क्षेत्र से तुला क्षेत्र तक जाती है तो शुक्र कुंडली में सातवें घर मे होगा “!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal – At least this time the stars are very powerful!

“Personally I like Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav and never liked Kejriwal individually but astrologically I can say planets Arvind Kejriwal are stronger now”.

In 2013/14 i had predicted that L.K Adwani and other leaders of BJP including Sushma Swaraj and Dr M.M Joshi should not confront Modi and Rajnath duo. few astrologers were not satisfied with my astrological opinion. The factors were too much stronger planets and dasha phase of both Sri Rajnath Singh. Today the same situation is seen in the Aam Aadmi Party AAP. Since i don’t have the horoscopes of left oriented Prashant and Yogendra Yadav i’ll discuss only about Arvind Kejriwal. Initially whenever i used 23:46 as birth time of Arvind Kejriwal i was successful but few renowned astrologers gave me other timings of morning of Simha Lagna ascendant which never gave successful result. Now as per birth timings of 23:46 Arvind Kejriwal is in stronger planetary phase. At least for two years I don’t see any major setback to him. At least for one and half years things will run almost smoother. But after things there seem issues. In the natal horoscope of Arvind there are two debilitated planets despite great Rajyogas in the fourth house of throne or simhasan.

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