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Rules of Marriage Astrology Part 1

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Marriages Astrology Rule – 1
If SATURN is in the 7th house and aspected by malefic, the native will remain unmarried or may cause widower hood and go to other men (other aspects should also been seen).
Marriage Astrology Rule –2
If the 7th house is owned and aspected by a benefic and similarly the 7th navamsa, the native will belong to a supremely classified lot and will be dear to his/her spouse without any doubt
Marriage Astrology Rule –3
There will be no happiness through wife in case the MOON has gone into the 7th house and the 7th lord into 12th house, and the karak (Venus) is weak.
Marriage Astrology Rule – 4
Loss of wife is to be indicated in case 7th lord is devoid of strength and is related to 6th house, 8thhouse, 12th house and or if the 7th lord is in fall.
Marriage Astrology Rule – 5
In case the 7th lord is situated in his sign of debilitation and VENUS is in 6th house or 8th house, the combination causes the destruction of wife in the 18th or 33rd year (Parashara).
Marriage Astrology Rule – 6
In the event of RAHU being placed in the 2nd house. Mars in the seventh house, the native’s house wife will die by poison, dangerous chemical, snake biting, on the day of marriage or 3rd day of marriage.
Marriage Astrology Rule – 7
If the 7th lord is placed in the 6th house, the natives spouse/wife will be sickly or native is inimical towards her, he himself is given to anger and remains devoid of happiness.
Marriage Astrology Rule – 8
If the lagna lord is in the 7th bhava and in conjunctions with a benefice planet, the person will get wife born of a good family, but if the 7th house occupied by lagna lord becoming a malefic planet/sign, the wife will be a base born woman.
Marriage Astrology Rule – 9
If a malefic planet occupying the seventh house is associated with sixth lord, second lord and lagna lord, the native may be adulterous.
Marriage Astrology Rule – 10
If a malefic planet occupying the seventh house is associated with the 6th lord, 2nd lord and lagna lord, the native might be adulterous

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