Tuesday, September 1, 2015

India in Moon dasha phase - Dawood within range of India in two years

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Before the new astrology dasha starts, last months of the previous dasha indicates much about what is about to happen in next dasha. Moon dasha of India is about to start, but there are enough ominous signals such as incidents like the matter of Dawood Ibrahim, currency devaluation in china etc.

Major Predictions
1. After 9th July 2016, Pakistan will not be able to protect Dawood Ibrahim anymore. And Dawood will be in the range of India within two years!

2. Fall of receipts is another issue which shall badly affect India from the last few months of the year 2015.

 3. Overall India will be courageous but public will want to participate in every major decision by the government. This will create great issues.

4. This will be a phase of discontent and remonstrance and strikes.

India's Jaimini Dasha & Shodashottary dasha
Almost every prediction I made about India was based on the Independence Day horoscope. Only a few were based on Republic Day horoscope. If one discusses the vinshottary dashas of Indian independence chart, every major event can be predicted before the events took place. But this is irrational and astrologically, illogical to predict on a nation like India merely using one dasha system so I shall use more than one dasha here such as chara jaimini dasha and Shodashottary dasha.

India in Mercury Vimshottary Dasha
See few examples of the incidents through vinshottary dasha system. From September 1965 till September 1982, Mercury vimshottary dasha was in operation in the horoscope of Indian Independence chart. Mercury is second and fifth lord and placed in the third house of strength and efforts. India developed in all sectors including agriculture, culture, art, science technology and education. From 1982 till 1989, Ketu dasha was in operation and every effect of Ketu was seen.

Ketu's influence on India
Ketu gives unexpected and sudden results and Ketu is considered Sikh in Indian Mundane astrology. The Sikh insurgency emerged in Punjab and then operation blue star assassination of Indira Gandhi, after that emergence of Rajiv Gandhi as a statesman Mr Clean and in few years he was considered a corrupt Prime Minister. The allegation of Bofors scandal ruined his career and V.P.Singh emerged as clean leader fighting from corruption.

India in Venus Vimshottary Dasha
From 1989 till 2009 Venus vinshottary dasha was in operation. Venus is placed with other 5 planets so there were many incidents but telecommunication emergence of IT industry advent of TV and many other incidents took place.

Sun dasha of India
From September 2009, sun dasha is in operation this will be running till 09th September 2015. A kind of arrogance was seen in the rulers or ruling party leaders in these days. From September 9th, 2015 Moon dasha will be in operation. But the major predictable thing will be the chara dasha of Pisces.

What is in store in the moon dasha phases?
From September 2015, Moon dasha will be in operation since. The third house is the house of courage, moon, the third lord is placed in its own house with other five planets. Moon is the lord of the third house of courage, capability, communication and conveyance, short journeys and potential. Third house also represents vigour armed forces' army chief and public opinion. If we consider the moon here, then the moon is well placed but the moon is surrounded by four other planets. The moon is with lagna lord which is considered good.

Rise in education sector
In navamsa, the moon is badly afflicted in Rahu axis in the sixth house of struggles and dispute. Moon is the planet which controls over mind so the public opinion will be the main issue. From 14th august 2015 till 14th august 2020, the Pisces jaimini chara dasha is in operation. So Jupiter the lagna lord and amatyakarak amk is in 8th house. This is not good. But the aatmakarak sun is in the fifth house with other four planets. Due to the five planets in the fifth house of the Pisces dasha, the coming five years will be good regarding educational facilities, the entertainment industry, sports, stock exchange and crime relating to immorality and sex.

Nabbing Dawood Ibrahim
If I talk about most sensational issues then that will be off course about terrorists and Dawood Ibrahim. Still we were running in the dasha of fourth house lord now from 9th September India will be in third house lord dasha. So India will start entangling Dawood Ibrahim and other terrorists after 5th September, although Pakistan has hedged Dawood and relocated him from Karachi to another secure place.

Dawood will be in the range of India within two years
After 9th July 2016, Pakistan will not be able to protect Dawood Ibrahim anymore. And Dawood will be in the range of India within two years! Though the bad times of terrorists starts from September 2015, the strategies of India and its security agencies will be successful after July 2016 for sure

China's fate in 2016
Fall of receipts is another issue which shall badly affect India from last few months of the year 2015. The impact of Greece and China will be bad here in India. As horoscope of China foretells the economy will go in the worst phase till June 2017. India will also face challenges due to the currency devaluation and fall of the economy of China. As predicted earlier, for New Year predictions, there may be fall of receipts and little other economic crisis countries may. A recession is seen in coming months especially in the year 2016. The government employees will be unsatisfied with the wage condition and other conditions.

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