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Impact of transit of Jupiter to Virgo on August 11, 2016: For all Zodiac Signs

This article of Astrologer Sushil Kumaar Singh already published in astrology Website of Times of India.
Jupiter is the largest planet and one of the most auspicious in the Vedic Astrology.
It represents prosperity, success, abundance and education. Natives who are governed by this planet are generally very prosperous in the professional lives. Jupiter resides in a house for almost a year; and this year on 11th August, it completes its transit to Virgo and will remain there till 12th September 2017.
While this transit will be mostly beneficial for all the signs, a few signs might get a little lagged behind depending on their ascendant or moon sign.
Moon signs such as Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Pisces and Capricorn will be benefitted the most from this transit.
Whereas, moon signs such as Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo will get average result
Aries, Cancer, Aquarius and Libra are the moon signs which will be adversely affected because of this transit.
The different ways in which the transit will affect the different moon signs is given below. However, an accurate picture can be ascertained only after analyzing the native’s natal chart.
For those with this moon sign, the Jupiter transit may not be very favorable. You might need to take extra measures to maintain peace and harmony in your relationships and avoid confrontations with opponents. Health problems such as stomach related ailments or digestive problems may remain a cause of concern for few. Trust people with caution as people posing as friends may cause harm.
Taurus is one of the signs that will be benefitted as a result of this transit. Your hard work will get rewarded, with a higher position at work, a promotion or a recognition by seniors. Those who are looking to get married, this is an auspicious time for them to start a new alliance in that respect. Efforts made by people conspiring against you will go in vain.
For natives with this moon sign, this time may prove to be a favourable time to emerge from disturbing experiences of the past. Relationships with your better half might not be cordial and you also may experience a strong sense of detachment from your spouse during this period. Relationship with your mother may also be a cause of worry; and you need to take good care of your health.
The transit will not prove to be very favourable for this moon sign. Stress, loss of position at work or failure in ventures may be a characteristic feature during this time for you. There also may be certain amount of fatigue and loss of energy for you. Long journeys and heavy investments in any projects should be avoided during this time. You might want to invest your time in gaining some knowledge or learning something new.
This period will be very favourable for Leos. Past hindrances and obstructions will see and end. A lot of support from friends and family is also on the cards. You could also go ahead and organize auspicious activities at home. Purchase of property or investment in some sort of venture will prove to be profitable for you.
Stay away from materialistic possessions during this period as it might not be very favourable for you. Watch out for heavy expenditures. Maintaining harmonious relationship with friends and family should be a priority for you during this time.
This transit will be unfavourable for this moon sign. There might be situations which will force you to stay away from your family. You must be extra cautious in dealing with investments in property. Steer clear of excess expenditure by yourself or a member of the family.
This is the time to get what you have wanted for a long time. It may be recognition or some sort of incentives or appreciation in any other form. You will feel a lot more energetic and positive. You might also get into a matrimonial alliance if that’s what you have been waiting for a long time.
This period will be a testing time for Sagittarians. Repeated failures and not getting what you want will be a characteristic feature of this time. At work, you may be required to work much below your rank or eligibility. Investments if made, should be done with a long term perspective.
The Jupiter transit will give exceptionally good results for natives under this moon sign. You will be inclined to participate in a lot of religious and spiritual activities. Your luck will favour you in all ventures.
This is not a favourable period for you. Negativity will tend to surround you. Be extra cautious of obstacles that may arise in your ventures. Exhaustion or fatigue due to overwork may be common during this time. Avoid any kind of investment- big or small.
Positivity will be a way of life for Pisceans during the transit. Success in partnerships, raise at workplace and harmonious personal relationships will be a major highlight for you. You will also be inclined to take up new ventures and projects during this time.

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