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“As we embrace our passions and delve into the mystery of life, we unite with the majestic complexity of nature; and if we follow the signs, this can help us understand who we really are.” 
            Sebastian Pole

Think about astrology and we usually begin with the zodiac. According to the ancient traditions, people born under a particular sign were thought to possess some of the qualities of that sign. Like people, plants also belong to certain signs and share their qualities. Astrology and nature go hand in hand. Trees and vegetation have the ability to change the condition of planets in human life. The history of association between herbs and zodiacal signs is ancient and complex. The role of plants in the Indian society is indispensable. Plants are used as an herbal remedy for treating a weak planet in an individual's horoscope. Plants are used to minimize or eliminate the ill-effects of the planets based on the correspondence of astrological signs. They can be used in place of gems as they give similar outcomes and are economical and very effective for Grah-Shanti.

According to Vedic astrology, each of the 12 signs can benefit from the properties of certain plants, which in turn would help them to heal, grow, balance, and inspire. But it is believed that before uprooting them, they should be invited and requested to shower its powers on us. There are innumerable astrologically proven, remedial plants and herbs available in the market.

Plant Sahdevi is commonly used in ayurvedic medicine and is also used in Vashikaran mantras of attraction. Roots of Anantmool plant tied in a red cloth should be worn to get the benefits of Mars. One of the most powerful ayurvedic herbs is Apamarg which has a favourable effect on an individual’s Dosha. Shwetark helps in blessing the individual with immense wealth and prosperity. It increases the vigour, vitality, and enthusiasm and helps in attaining spirituality. Jadi of ‘Bel’ for Sun is a powerful tool for restoring happiness in an individual’s life. If Sun is in a weaker position and not favouring the individual, then the individual is advised to wear the root of this herb and get rid of Sun related bad effects. Jaiphal is a powerful herbal alternative medicine known to have healing benefits like it reduces stress and exhaustion and decreases anxiety and depression

A person is recommended to keep Gular plant which enables him to have a happy marriage and enjoy material comforts. Peepal tree worship turns a strong Jupiter into an auspicious one and a weak Jupiter into a stronger one. Wood of Shami tree is used for havana to calm down the effects of planet Saturn. Lemon has a great astrological significance as it keeps all enemies like Rahu and Ketu in a person’s life, at bay. Lemons are mostly used as the evil eye warder also known as the nazarbattu to keep our homes and business safe from all bad and evil spirits. Mustard seeds, coconut, and red chillies are also used to remove the Drishti dosha and therefore have become a popular remedy for any unexpected series of unpleasant events. Punarnava, also known as Gadpurana is very beneficial for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Dates, commonly known as khajur strengthens the concentration power and stamina especially for people whose Mars and Saturn are weak. Roots of Bichu plant tied with black thread should be worn to avail the benefits of Saturn. Nirgundi is a multipurpose versatile herb which is a very popular remedy for female ailments.
Putting everything in a nutshell, plant astrological remedies help mankind in discovering the true self and assists in finding answers as to how to nourish, rejuvenate and transform one’s life. 

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