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Yogi Aditya Nath – To face hurdle and intrigues within the party!

Yogi Adityanath an honest and stubborn “hathyogi” saint is about to enter into a complex dasha phase after 27th may 2017. He is in the effect of the Jupiter –Mars vinshottaree dasha phase till 27th May 2017.Whenever he was selected as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh he was in the pratyantar dasha of Venus in JUP-MARS vinshottaree dasha. In this vinshottary dasha he achieved the highest position of one of the biggest state of the world. If it were a separate country Uttar Pradesh would be world’s fifth most populous nation.
Jupiter and Mars in greater Rajyoga:
 Jupiter and mars are not only in trine or trikona, fifth and ninth house. But Ninth lord Jupiter is placed in the fifth house of the horoscope and whereas fifth lord mars is beautifully placed in the ninth house. For getting higher posts/positions in politics three houses fifth, fourth and ninth houses of the horoscope plays the key role. During his selection as CM his operating Vinshottari mahadasha lord Jupiter in transit was aspecting his ninth and tenth both houses, being retrograde. Antardasha lord mars was transiting over the tenth house on its natal position itself.exalted Venus in transition was transiting over the ninth house itself and over the natal mars , the tenth and fifth lord. So the appropriate dashas had made the quality connection with the transiting planets.since saturn in natal being the eighth lord, aspects the mahadasha lord Jupiter everything was decided in the last moments.
Role of the divisional charts:
The divisional chart dashamsa D10 has three exalted planets mars, sun and moon and more ever the moon is exalted and Vargottam in all the three divisional charts ascendant, Navamsa and Dashamsa.

Moon Sub Sub phase:
Now Yogi is in the dasha phase of Jupiter – Mars – Moon. Moon is ascendant lord placed with seventh and eighth lord retrograde Saturn. the moon with Saturn will disturb him between 29th April and 27th may 2017.from 27th may 2017 the Mahant  will be in the effect of Jupiter –Rahu vimshottary dasha phase.Rahu and its dispositor is in a great Rajyoga but this phase indicates some failures due to deliberate non cooperation of the fellow colleagues and the top leadership of BJP. Few top influential central party leaders of the party will be jealous of him and they shall try to tarnish his image. Many times these leaders will create hurdles in the way of Yogi while he will be doing great jobs. But Yogi will come out safe and with the clean image because he has some great stronger planetary combinations.
What his CHAKRA dasha reveals
Yogi Ji is in the effect of fourth house CHAKRA dasha phase since 08th April 2015 and this shall continue till 2025. Chakra dasha is a unique Parashari dasha where the dashas are counted by houses not by the planets or zodiac signs. He is in effect of the 10-year 4th house CHAKRA dasha phase. The fourth house is being aspected by the tenth and fifth lord mars from the ninth house. As I already mentioned that fourth, ninth and tenth are the best position giving houses for politicians. The seventh house is also important because it represents the public. This fourth house Libra is the eleventh house in the Navamsa chart D9 aspected by the Rahu from the fifth house. In the Dashamsa D10 horoscope fourth house Libra is the second house aspected by Jupiter and exalted sun.
But what about the Antar Dasha phase of sixth house. This sixth house antar dasha time phase gave him the position of a chief minister but being the sixth lord this might create some hurdles for him till October 2017.from 8th December 2016 till 08th October 2017 he is in the effect of 4TH   house mahadasha – 6th house antardasha phase of CHAKRA DASHA . Sun the second house lord placed in the sixth house clearly indicates some problems he is going to face from home, the second house, the party BJP. In the Dashmasa chart D10 twelfth house lord Sun, even in exalted state is very badly placed in the eighth house with the fourth and seventh lord. Sun is also aspected here by exalted mars and retrograde Saturn. In CHAKRA Dasha from October 2017 till 8th august, 2018 Yogi will be in the Fourth-Seventh hoses dasha phase. The seventh house is in the Rahu Ketu axis aspected by retrograde Saturn in Lagna Horoscope. Saturn being seventh and eleventh house lord once again indicates some bigger political conspiracies against this hathyogi. Even in the Navamsa seventh house is in the Rahu Ketu axis aspected by Mars and Saturn .hope this virakt sanyasi , the estranged celibate will successfully come out of all hurdles because of few stronger planetary combinations in his chart.

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