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Sonia Gandhi is suffering from fatal cancer - Astrological analysis

The Indian National Congress Party President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi on 4th august thursday underwent surgery in a United States hospital. The details of the ailment have to be confirmed. However, there have been speculations that Sonia has been admitted to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Memorial hospital in New York. Sloan Kettering Hospital is known as one of the best hospitals for treatment of cancer patients in the world. Some news reports also suggest that Sonia Gandhi has been treated for Cervical Cancer. This development will keep Sonia Gandhi out of the country for a month.
The unconfirmed reports say that Dr. Nori Datthathreyudu has performed surgery to Sonia Gandhi. Dr. Nori Datthathreyudu belongs to Andhra Pradesh and studied his MBBS from Kurnool Medical College. Dr. Nori is a world famous medical expert in treating caner, particularly cervical cancer patients. Sonia Gandhi has been to abroad these days, much frequently than she used to be in the recent past. Sonia Gandhi was also treated at the Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi. Sonia Gandhi has been a patient of chronic asthma for so many years. She had been receiving treatment for an unspecified cancer for at least eight months. – 4th august 11.
I have already written a post on her illness.i give here the astrological reasons –


VINSHOTTARY DASHAS -When she entered in hospital she was running under the vishottardasha of following planets -

Mahadasha - Mercury
Antardasha - Ketu
Pratyantardasha - Mercury
Sookshmadasha - Venus
Prandasha – Mars/Rahu

When I use five stages vimshottary dasha here in her chart I found that except venus all four dashas were related either to the sixth house or twelfth house. Sixth house indicates illness and twelfth indicates hospital and also aspects the sixth house.
but one thing always should be keep in the mind that for getting ill one's lagna - ascendant should be afflicted certainly. Here her lagna lord is moon with the sixth lord jupiter.Rahu Ketu aspects the twelfth and sixth axis. Not only this the retrograde saturn also aspects the sixth house and MD lord mercury. And mars aspects the saturn which is situated in twelfth. Mercury dasha will prove maraka for her.but this dasha will last till april which antardasha will be maraka this important.and rest of the predictions about her has been given by can be read in older posts.

See the dasha system she is running under MERCURY – KETU vinshottary dasha.As reports say that she is in grip of cancer since eight months means near December 2010.means MERCURY – KETU – SUN .
Mercury is in the eighth house with Ketu means Rahu aspects both planets from twelfth house. Mercury is twelfth lord here. Seventh and eighth lord retrograde Saturn is in twelfth house with notorious Rahu which aspects the sixth house. The aspect of mars on the twelfth house confirms the disease as navamsa,drekkana and dwadshamsa chart there are also the same indications.
Her horoscope has been provided here but the exact birth detail is not being provided.
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